ISP on 2nd laptop shows 000's

Dell INSPIRON 2200
April 17, 2009 at 14:13:49
Specs: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, 1.6 GHz / 2037 MB
trying to set up a 2nd laptop it shows my wireless then says getting network addy my is shows up all 00's i had run the disk with my router and tried to set up a connection and dont know what else to do

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April 17, 2009 at 16:49:21
You are usually required to use an encryption key when you set up a connection between a wireless adapter and a wireless router, for your own protection.
You usually only have to set up the router's configuration once - when that is working for at least one wireless adapter, you just need the encyrption key and SSID info for additional wireless adapters on other computers.

On the computer that has a working wireless connection to the router (and the internet) , start up the internet browser, e.g. that's often Internet Explorer.
In the Address or Location box, type in the address you use to access the router's configuration.
E.g. for my router I type in - yours may be different.
Type in the Username and Passwaord in the window for accessing the router's configuration that appears on the screen.
E.g. my defaults are admin, no password - yours may be different.
The defaults for the address you use and what you use for Username and Password are stated in the manual for the router.

Look in the router's Wireless or WLAN configuration screens or similar for the encryption key, copy it down. Whether letters are upper case (capitals) or lower case is important.
Make sure you copy it right.
Note what type of key it is - e.g. WEP, 64bit.
(a 64 bit key has 10 characters; a 128 bit key has 26 characters)

Find the SSID label (text) the router is using for wireless- copy it down.
That's the name that router broadcasts wirelessly to identify itself.

On the computer that has no internet access yet, go to My Network Places.
If the drivers for the wireless network adapter on that computer are installed properly, you should see "View Available Wireless Connections" or similar there somewhere, probably on the left side.
Click on that.

Select the wireless connection that has the SSID of your router, if there is more than one,
click on Connect.
If that works .....
You will be asked to provide the encryption key.
Type in the key you copied from the router.
Whether letters are upper case (capitals) or lower case is important.

If that doesn't work, and you get a message saying something along the lines of you can't use Windows to do that because something else has been loaded, you need to use the configuration program for the wireless adapter to set up it's connection - you will need to provide the router's SSID and the encryption key.

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