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January 24, 2014 at 16:08:41
Specs: Don't know yet, AMD A8 - 8GB
I'm planing on building my own computer, and wanted some others thoughts on my plans.

I bought a case off Craigslist, it came with a new Diablotek 400w PSU, should I replace this? What I'm worried about is that it could cause damage to other components of the computer if it failed. Is this possible? If it isn't, I could just replace it when it fails. Otherwise I've got a used Antec 350w here, if that would be better.

Also, at this time, I'm only planing on getting one 8GB stick, thus Single Chanel mode, would there be a noticeable difference if I got 2x 4GB? I would like the single 8GB so I could add another in the future. Also, if I got the single 8GB I have an old 2GB stick laying around here I could put in there. What do you think?

Thanks for your help!!

I Fixed links above!

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January 24, 2014 at 16:38:31
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To be honest, the motherboard you chose seems to have all of it's eggs in one basket. In other words, it only has 2 RAM slots (and caps at 16 GB), yet it has a total of 6 SATA III ports, which IMO is sort of useless. I would suggest getting one with 4 RAM slots, and about 3 SATA III ports (these are basically hard drive slots).

The hard drive is good, but if you plan on buying a motherboard that has that many sata slots you should also consider getting a smaller SSD and using like a cache for heavily used programs/OS.

The links for the RAM and CPU don't work (or is it just me???), please update them.

Make sure that the PSU is Brand New, as the PSU is arguably the most important part of the computer. If it fails, it can ruin the entire computer.

Also check to make sure that the motherboard and tower are compatible, normally they will be but better safe than sorry. You can go here:

Using a used PSU is also generally a bad idea. And 350/400w is not very much power, so make sure it's enough for your components. (Note: if it is just barely enough power, this is also bad because it means you won't be able to add anything on later. Usually at least 500w is suggested for most computers.)

Getting 1x8 RAM is probably best. Yes, 2x4 will be slightly faster, but not really noticeable. If you just get 1 8 Gig stick, you can upgrade to 2x8 later on (one problem with this is that you usually want to buy ram together, as it is already parity tested by the manufacturer, but you can do this yourself.) You could use the old 2 GB, as long as it's DDR3.

UPDATE: I think I got the link to the RAM to work:

I wouldn't get that RAM in general, as it kind of sucks (no offense). It is only DDR3-1333, which will most likely slow your computer down considerably. Although, if you plan on getting an equally low-grade CPU, you won't notice much difference between 1333 and 2133 (your motherboard supports up to 2133). You should probably get at least 1600, although 1866 would be better.

In addition, any thoughts on Graphics Card?

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January 24, 2014 at 17:50:24
Sorry about the links, I fixed them above.

I was looking at 1866 ram, and it would cost about $20 more. I think i'll probably stick with the 1333 because the 2GB stick I've got seems to be 1333 also. Unless you think that it would be better at 1866, I may reconsider, but then I couldn't use the 2gb.

The PSU is new, its just a off-brand. I used a Power Supply calculator online, and it said I would only need like 335w, but if i get a new one, I would probably get something like a 500w. Do you think I should get a different one?

I looked at Motherboards with 4 ram slots, the cheapest one was about $75 with shipping, and I really doubt that I would ever upgrade past 16gb. By the time I need more than 16gb, I'll probably have a different computer.

Thanks for your help

I was looking at PSU's and found this one:
It would be $35 after coupon and rebate, with free shipping.

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January 24, 2014 at 18:28:15
I may exaggerated a bit, your performance won't suffer that much if you choose 1333, most CPUs cap at 1600 (unless you are getting a 6 or 8 core CPU). The major thing that you want to look at is CAS latency, this is the delay between a CPU requesting data and actually receiving it.

Like I said, buying a used or off-brand PSU tends to be a bad idea, but if you want to risk it that's your choice. The one you listed under Edit looks fine, I got one that is a Corsair CXM (600w) and it works great.

The link for the APU on Ebay still isn't working, I'm beginning to think it is just me...

Anyway you listed it as an APU not a CPU, so you'll have to get a motherboard that has a FM2 socket (I don't know about the one you chose) - FM2 is for AMD Trinity/Richland APUs.

EDIT: Generally, good latency for DDR3 is around 7-9, 7 being about the best offered. RAM with higher bandwidth (thats the 1333 or 1600) has higher latency too. Over time, RAM will get better with lower latency and higher bandwidths, that's the reason why you see DDR2 with CL of about 5. The reason why DDR2 isn't as popular is that it just can't offload as much data per cycle as DDR3. As processors are able to handle more data at once, the need for more RAM bandwidth goes up.

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January 24, 2014 at 19:03:26
Here's a couple of clips taken from a review of the Diablotek 650W that will give you an idea of the quality of DiaBLOWtek PSUs:

- "the Diablotek PHD650 failed ~1 minute into Test #3 (75% load), the best way to describe the load tests results as cheap, inferior, junky, lousy, shoddy, sub-par, trashy, useless, worthless, etc."
- "Diablotek seemingly tried to polish a turd with a turd and as such we got the expected outcome, a pile of crap"

As for the Antec 350W PSU, you didn't provide a model number so we have no idea is it's a good one or junk. As for your other hardware choices, you're obviously cutting corners to save a few bucks & you're going to end up with a poorly configured POS.

Board: MSI A78M-E45 FM2+/FM2 AMD A78 (Bolton D3) - $68

APU: AMD A6-6400K Black Edition - $65 (til 1/27)

PSU: CORSAIR 430W 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC - $25 after rebate

RAM: Team Dark Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 - $60 (til 1/30)

Total = $218, is that too much?

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January 24, 2014 at 19:48:17
Thanks for the suggestions!
I really don't know why the eBay link isn't working, but its a AMD A8-5600K (AD560KWOHJBOX) new in box for $89. Its eBay item number: 271363612936 if you want to look it up.

I don't think the Antec I have would be good, it old and been used awhile. Do you think a 430w enough power? I could get a 500w for $10 more here: but if I don't need the extra power, then I wouldn't get that.

I like that Motherboard, and if I buy it on eBay from newegg, I'll get free shipping(kinda odd they have free shipping for it on eBay, but not on And if I get that motherboard(or one with 4 ram slots) I'll get the ram you suggested(I'm not sure how I didn't see that myself). A FM2 APU will work in a FM2+ Motherboard, right?


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January 25, 2014 at 07:10:44
IMO you should just stick with the APU you picked out in the first place, for only $90 I think it's a great deal. The one riider suggested isn't bad, but it's only a dual core.

Having more power is never a bad thing, and I prefer to be safe rather than sorry later. If you want to save a little cash, get the 430w.

The board that riider suggested is even better than the one you had picked out in the first post. 6 SATA (just like the first), and 4 DIMM (RAM) slots, which cap at 64 GB. It just depends if you think you will ever really upgrade to 4x16 RAM. Like you said, you will probably just get a new computer by then.

In addition, that motherboard has a PCIe 3.0 x 16. That kind of bandwidth really isn't used by today's graphics cards. Personally, my motherboard has both a PCIe 3.0 x 16 and a PCIe 2.0 x 16. I've tried my graphics card in both (it supports up to 3.0 x 16) and it really only takes about a 5% performance hit when placed in the latter PCI.

The motherboard riider suggested is compatible with FM2 and FM2+, so yes, the FM2 APU will work in it.

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