Is laptop wearing out or is this a virus?

Toshiba Satellite x205-sli4 notebook
September 16, 2010 at 10:28:10
Specs: Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit, Dual Core, 4 gigs ram
I have an X205 Toshiba Sli4 with upgraded RAM to 4 gigs running on Vista 32 bit Ultimate Edition. Purchased the laptop in February 2007. In late July, 1010 the laptop shutoff while in use - no lights in front indicating battery, power, or anything. Did some research and determined the video card had gone out. Took it Toshiba who also determined it was the video card. They replaced the video card and cleaned out the fans ($650). Within 1 week of getting laptop back, the computer started beeping loudly - like an alarm - during bootup. The cursor started moving, like a key was stuck, before, during and after bootup. Took the laptop back to Toshiba, who said the keyboard had gone out, which they replaced with a new one ($85). The first day after getting the laptop back, virus-like symptoms appeared along with Blue Screen of Death. AVG 9.0 Virus Protection had been turned off by virus. I also was able to determine that Windows Automatic Updates had been automatically updating irregularily - some had been cancelled, some had been successful, but updating was not correct. Virus was messing with drivers, amont other things.

Performed restore to a period earlier than when Video Card initially went out. This made things more unstable. Found that all system restores were being reversed. Research on Internet indicated Trojan Virus Sys32/Heur.

Was suspicious of Toshiba repair shop - took laptop to husband's tech guys who ran malwarebits which detected Sys32/Heur. After they returned the laptop, the Blue Screen of Death kept appearing from time-to-time. I had a pc backup copy of computer made in 2008 on D Drive. I performed backup on D Drive of all my current files/folders and reformatted C Drive to restore pc back to June 24, 2008. I'm still getting BSOD.

I ran an extended memory diagnostic, which took about 6 hours. It said I had a hardware issue and to contact the manufacturer. I'm no tech, and am confused - did this mean "hardware" as in physical memory or "hardware" as in disk or other pc hardware? Also, the system was supposed to list the problem upon rebooting. It didn't. I ran another "standard" memory diagnostics test, which said everything was ok. I've run several "standard" memory diagnostics automatically upon booting up, and all have been clean.

I get the BSOD at least 3 or more times a day. Since the video card went out, less than 30 days ago, all these things have happened to my pc. Prior to the video card going out, I had absolutely no problems with the pc. I'm also suspicious of the fact the virus appeared the same day I got the pc back from Toshiba after the keyboard had been replaced.

I would like to mention the original keyboard was fine when they got the pc. For some reason, they replaced the original with an older one, stating the original keyboard looked like it had coke on it. OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, my laptop was in the floor beside my chair. Someone turned over a glass of coke 6 feet from where my laptop was laying. The laptop was closed and didn't appear to get any coke splatters on it. Also, it ran fine for over a year afterwards. Other than that near coke episode, there's NEVER been coke spilled, sprinkled, or splattered on my pc. So, if there was coke in there, it had to be from that spill from across the room and the pc ran fine for over a year afterwards.

Question 1: Where can I find a log evidencing BSOD and possible causes? It doesn't appear in the event log under anything.

Question 2: The "hardware" issues that appeared when running "Expanded" memory diagnostics do not appear when running the "Standard" memory diagnostics. A) Is the term "hardware" limited to physical memory, or could it be something as simple as an unplugged printer? B) Since the problem only shows up when doing an Expanded test, what, if anything does this indicate?

Question 3: Could virus have been in system prior to video card going out and caused all this mess? If so, how do I get rid of it? I've reformatted C drive to restore computer to an earlier backup from 2008. When I reformatted, I didn't reformat particians or other disks because I was afraid of loosing D drive along with backups on it.

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated. I've got too much $$ invested in this laptop to just toss it to the side. Not to mention $700 in repairs in the last 30 days!!!

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September 16, 2010 at 10:32:21
BTW, video card went out in 2010, not 1010 - typo.

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