Irql not less or equal

July 6, 2012 at 18:51:22
Specs: Windows XP
is the IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error meesage a software or a hardware issue? my computer store balmes it on the printer i recently installed, but the printer company support people are telling me it's a hardware issue. who's right? thanks!

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July 6, 2012 at 19:58:38
thanks, rider, but i don't think that answer really applies. it didn't occcur during or after installation of XP, and it didn't have 'stop' at the beginning of it. it was a blue scren with a bunch of text that started 'a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.' it then gave the IRQL line, then a whole lot more text saying it was caused by new hardware or software. it has happened twice. first, when i was on the Netflix site updating my credit card, and second, when i rolled my mouse trackball to bring the machine out of standby. the only new hardware i have installed is the printer, and the only new software was quicken

there is a 'stop' message at teh bottom with 5 long numbers, most of them being zeros.

any other ideas? thanks for the quick response!


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July 6, 2012 at 23:03:40
Post the model of the printer and describe how you have it connected to the computer.

Also post the model of your computer.

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July 7, 2012 at 00:29:42
To see weather it is the printer that is giving you the issue try uninstalling it and restart your computer. If that solves your problem than see what the support people of the printer have to say. If that does not resolve the issue contact the people from your computer store. You might also want to include more info like jnesta1 mentioned inorder to get more accurate answers to your questions.


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July 7, 2012 at 06:55:17
Did you read the entire Microsoft page?

Typically, this error occurs when a driver uses an incorrect memory address. Other possible causes of this error include an incompatible device driver, a general hardware problem, or incompatible software.

If you receive the "Stop: 0x0000000A" error message after Windows XP is already installed, recently added third-party software or hardware may be causing the error. First, try the methods in the "Troubleshoot third-party software and hardware" section to troubleshoot other components. You may want to have support documentation available for any recently added software or hardware. If these methods do not resolve the issue, then try the methods in the "Restore Windows" section.

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July 7, 2012 at 09:00:09
hello all,

i spent 4 hours talking with the printer people (brother) this week, starting at an online chat, and gettign escalated on up the food chain. the people at hte top insisted it was a hardware problem, not a software problem

teh computer is a dell 2.4 ghz procesor with 2 gigs of ram (much less than that originally but upgraded--not by me). the printer is a dcp-7065dn. teh driver has been uninstalled and reinstalled sevreal times now. it is too soon to know if it has resolved the problem. it has only happened trwice oerv about a month's eperiod.

rider, i think i did see that part of the post, but because it focused so heavily on XP, and because it also said it may be either a hardware or a sofware issue, it dind't reslove the issue if what they are saying is ture, it seems more likely to be the printer than the quicken sofware i would guess, at least that is how the computer store felt. but again, teh printer people felt otherwise

i did see one thread on another site that said IRQ messages ewre hardware adn IRQL were software, or vice versa, but i was looking for someone else to confirm that.

thanks again for all your help!

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July 7, 2012 at 09:02:36
by the way, teh moderator whay changed the heading to my post messed it up. the wording is right in my original post. that will affect your answers adn any research you try to do on it. thanks.

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July 7, 2012 at 11:16:57
"dell 2.4 ghz procesor with 2 gigs of ram "

That's relatively useless.

I don't see anything otherwise in your posts that even tells us whether your computer is a desktop computer, or a laptop or netbook computer.

Go here for how to find the Service tag "number":

Tell us what it is.

You can get the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error from many causes, hardware or software, but sometimes it can be just because the ram module contacts are not getting a good connection - this worked for me when I got that error:

See response 2 in this - try cleaning the contacts on the ram modules, and making sure the modules are properly seated:

For a laptop, or netbook, you must remove both its main battery and AC adapter before you do that.

For a brand name computer, see the Owner's or User's manual if you need to - how to remove or replace the ram is usually in that - it may already be in your installed programs. If you can't get into Windows, it may be on a disk that came with the computer, or you can go online and look at it or download it - it's in the downloads for your specific model.

For a generic desktop computer, see the mboard manual if you need to - how to remove or replace the ram is usually in that.

You could also try loading Windows into Safe mode, or into Safe mode with networking (mode).

If you don't have the problem in those modes, some driver or software that is being loaded when you load Windows normally that is not being loaded in those modes is causing your problem.

(Remove any bootable CDs or DVDs in drives.
Press F8 repeatedly while booting, don't hold down the key, and when the black screen appears with "Advanced..." at the top of it, choose Safe mode, or Safe mode with networking..

Some computers have their own use for pressing F8 while booting. E.g. you may see a screen where you can select a device to boot the computer from. If you see something like that, READ the screen to find what key it is you need to press to exit that screen.
Press that key, then immediately repeatedly press F8 until you see the "Advanced..." menu. )

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July 7, 2012 at 13:06:34
hey tubes, thanksfor making me feel so good about myself! the post er asked for the model of the computer. that wa s all!

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July 7, 2012 at 13:21:11
But you didn't provide the model number.

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