Insert Boot Media, No Display, No USB Power

April 12, 2011 at 23:33:23
Specs: Windows Vista
I need help/suggestions! I'm worried that I need to replace my motherboard, because I think I've eliminated most of the other possibilities, but I am not terribly knowledgeable about hardware, so it's entirely likely I'm missing something.

Story -

My desktop started powering down at random in its 13th month of life. Being a little hardware-phobic, and (at that point), not having desperate need for the computer, I gave it to a friend to check out. He recommended replacing the power supply. I bought a Dynex, 400W (which said, trusted, friend said would be plenty for the computer's needs), he installed it. Random powering off problem stopped. All appeared to be well.

About a week after bringing the computer home, I got: "Boot Device Not Found Insert Boot Media..."

Rebooted, F10 to setup. It wasn't finding my hard drive.

Dove into the hardware (because NOW I'm desperate - my husband and I are both writing dissertations, we homeschool our two kids, and we're all currently sharing one laptop because the other laptop died last month).

Now it's worse. Most of the time, I can't get a display and there is no power to the USB ports. Sometimes, after it's been powered off for a long time, I can get the display and USB to work again, briefly.

It does power on. All of the fans run. I can feel that the HDD is spinning, along with the DVD drive. There are no beeps.

The things I've done (none of which have been successful):
Checked all connections (power and data)
Plugged in a different hard drive (from the dead laptop, which simply stopped recognizing its power source)
Reseated the RAM
Checked each RAM component separately (there are 4, 2X1 GB, 2X2 GB)
Rechecked all connections to and from power supply and motherboard
Removed the CMOS battery for 10 minutes and replaced it
Plugged computer into its own outlet (in case there wasn't enough power coming from the strip)
Unplugged the computer and held the power button down for 45 seconds (hey, it came up in one of the searches I did to troubleshoot, and I am willing to try anything).

Vague specs (I can't remember the exact specs, because this was my husband's computer) HP Pavillion Desktop, Pegatron M2N7B-LA motherboard, AMD Athlon Phenom X4 processor, NVidia graphics card, 1 SATA HDD, 6GB RAM.
It was running Vista.

Is there anything else I should try, or any way to know for sure if the problem is the motherboard?


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April 13, 2011 at 03:59:09
M2N7B-LA is a motherboard made by Asus for HP, we need the system model #(printed somewhere on the case).
Dynex is brand created by bestbuy and according to reviews it's not good. I suspect PSU is the problem, try to swap it first(don't buy it first instead borrow from a friend or neighbour).

edit: U did a very good job explaning the problem plus u have done your homework well and i believe your post deserve A+.
We can not fight new wars with old weapons, let he who desires peace prepare for war - PROPHET.

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April 13, 2011 at 04:16:33
I think u are going to be disappointed after reading this

We can not fight new wars with old weapons, let he who desires peace prepare for war - PROPHET.

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April 17, 2011 at 17:45:03
Finally found the (very tiny, black) sticker with the model #. It's a Pavillion a6720f.

Tested it with a different PSU and got the same result (no display, no power to the USB), so I guess it's the motherboard after all. Thank you for your input!

Am I insane to consider buying and installing a replacement motherboard? (I can't find an exact replacement, so I'd have to go with a compatible board.)

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