impossible dvdrw or motherboard issue!

December 29, 2010 at 22:05:58
Specs: Windows 7 professional, i7/4gb
i just built a computer. i7 processor, 4gb ram, 1.5tb hard drive, windows 7, asus dvdrw, msi x58 pro-e motherboard, geforce gts 450 video card.

i attached all the cables properly. nothing is lose. computer turns on, no errors in the bios. i go to install the operating system....and i cannot boot from the dvdrw drive.

i install windows 7 onto a flash drive and boot off of it and install it.

i get into windows...dvdrw still will not read any disc. the drive is detected but will not read the contents of any disc, dvd or cd.

i decide to take the dvdrw drive from my computer i already had at home which was 100% working properly...and this new computer will not read any discs on this drive either! and to top it off...when i put this dvdrw drive back into the old computer...the old computer will now not read any discs off my old dvdrw drive which was working before i stuck it in the new computer.

what should i do? what is the problem?

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December 30, 2010 at 04:33:10
If both windows and bios recognize the drive and it refuse to read then the drive is bad. When u load the disc do u hear it spinning? Are u sure the old pc recognize the old dvd drive? The old drive ide or sata?

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December 30, 2010 at 05:39:15
From 2-14 of your board manual.

Please do not fold the Serial ATA cable into 90-degree angle. Otherwise, data loss
may occur during transmission.
Please always use the Intel default SATA connectors (SATA1~6) first.

Tightly folding SATA data cables inhibits the passage of the signal. This may be the issue.

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