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I-inc Monitor Not Staying On

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Having a problem with my i-inc monitor, when i turn it on it ssys no signal then turns off, i have tried to get into the osd menu but it turns off too quickly i have looked online for a solution and it would appear that the control board most likly needs could I take the control board out of a Samsung 15″ monitor and put it in the i-inc 25″ monitor…


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  1. Mine will not allow anything but source adjustments when the signal is unplugged – no brightness, contrast, color, etc.

    However, whatever the ways and wherefores of the monitor the fact remains that it will not work on a different tower. This means that either both towers have an obscure and identical fault or (far more likely) the monitor or its cable are faulty.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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