Solved I want a new fast Video card can u help me?

May 26, 2012 at 07:56:54
Specs: Windows 7, AMD athlon(tm) II x2 250 3.00ghz / 1gig
how can I know the video card is fast?

I want to buy a new video card because my video card is so slow ...
What fast video card . Can afford of my money of P6,000-P8,000 ? and fits my CPU

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May 26, 2012 at 13:12:43
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A better video card will NOT significantly improve the performance of your computer, it will just make the performance of the video better. If you think your computer is slow, a better video card won't help for that much.

Go to a web site that has relative benchmarks of the performance of the different video cards (video chipsets).

This one - it shows you approximate prices of the cards on the right side in many cases.

The computer case of your desktop computer IS NOT A CPU !
CPU - Central Processing Unit

You usually CANNOT upgrade the video on a laptop or netbook.

The max (output) wattage capacity of your power supply MAY limit which video card you can install without needing to upgrade the power supply to one that has more capacity.

Your power supply must have at least the minimum capacity required to support a system with the graphics card you are using installed, or the max graphics card you might install in the future.
(Onboard video - video built into the mboard - IS NOT A CARD ! )
If that info is not in the ad for the video card, you can go to the video card maker's web site and look up the specs for the model - often under system requirements - the minimum PS wattage, and, more important, the minimum amperage the PS must supply at 12v is stated. If you don't find that, any card with the same video chipset including any letters after the model number has very similar minimum PS requirements. Some power supplies have two or more +12v ratings - in that case, add those ratings to determine the total +12v current capacity.

Some desktop cases have limitations regarding the max length the video card can be, or require a low profile (shorter) metal mounting bracket on the video card.

If you want more specific info, you need to .....

Tell us the make and model of your brand name system, or if you have a generic desktop system, the make and model of the mboard.

The model, sometimes the make, of a mboard in a generic desktop system is usually printed on the mboard's surface in obvious larger characters, often between the slots.

The specific model of a brand name system is often shown on a label on the outside of the case somewhere, or it can often be determined by going to the brand name's web site and loading a program they have available, if Windows is still working, on the subject computer.

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May 26, 2012 at 18:12:06
1st of all, you didn't post the make/model of your current video card or the make/model of your motherboard. That info is important.

2nd, your CPU is an Athlon II X2 250. You cannot install a video card to a CPU.

3rd, we need to know your power supply specs. Not just wattage, but amperage, especially on the +12v rail. Gaming video cards usually require more power than the motherboard slot can supply, therefore an aux power connection is needed. If your power supply isn't up to the task, it will have to be upgraded.

4th, it appears you're running Win7 with only 1GB RAM? That's nowhere near enough. The minimum for Win7 32-bit is 1GB, for Win7 64-bit it's 2GB. Systems rarely perform decently when running just the minimum. You need more RAM.

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