I removed the do not remove cap

Asus motherboard / P5GC-MX/1333
February 19, 2009 at 16:45:30
Specs: NONE, IntelCore2DuoE8400/ 2x1GP of CorsairCM2X1024-6400C4
I just finished building my son's computer.

The case is an XG Dragon, and I am sorry to say I am having some trouble figuring out what all the wires are for. The User's Manual is somewhat confusing and am having trouble translating from case to Motherboard.

The MotherBoard is a P5GC-MX/1333

The Processor is an Intel Core2 Duo Processor E8400... Socket LGA775... Freq. 3 GHz... Core 45nm... FSB 1333 MHz... L2 Cache 6MB... PCG 06... Although the case has an IEEE 1394 port for firewire, but there is no place to connect on the motherboard that I can find and no mention of one in the motherboard user's manual.

Power Supply is Corsair VX 550 W... This thing has a lot of bells and whistles I have not seen before... Has 41 amps on the 12 volt rail. One of the troubling aspects of this power supply is that it has an 8 pin configuration that can be reduced to 2 four pin configurations for the ATX 12 Volt connection on the Motherboard which is a 4Pin configuration.

I installed 2 GByte DDR2 TWIN2X Matched Memory Pair... Corsair DDR2 XMS2... 2 sticks at 1 gb each stick.

I installed a WesternDigital 320 GB HDD which is EIDE, not SATA.

I installed 2 SATA Super WriteMaster DVD Multi Recorder SpeedPlus... 2 of them.

OK First Part of Problem, and not sure if this is a problem or not, but it happened this way... I was reading the user manual for the Dragon Case and noticed it has a case intrusion connection and wanting every wire to be connected, I found the corresponding pins on the motherboard... The pins I needed were covered by a jumper cap and right next to it was another jumper cap... Being the bull that I am instead of using finesse and grabbing a pair of tweezers to remove just the cap I needed to remove, I used the old thumb and index to remove it and I removed both caps... I thought nothing of it at the time, and connected the wires I needed to connect to the motherboard... When I accomplished that I went ahead and put the jumper cap back on the other 2 pins that were uncovered, the way they were originally. Later I discovered a problem which I will go into.

After getting everything connected, I flipped the power switch on the back of the power supply... I then turned on the monitor and pushed the power button on the computer to get it started... My son and I were both very disappointed when the monitor did nothing but remain blank, and the little power light stayed a dismal orange. So there ya have it as best to my knowledge of what my problem is... I do know there is an answer and some sort of solution out there... But I have been working on this for 3 days and am getting somewhat burned out with all the reading of the different user manuals and going thru different troubleshooting steps... So far everything I have tried has not fared well... I want a fresh start here so I wont go into what I have done... Instead I am hoping someone will give me some steps to follow from the ground up so I can do things in an orderly fashion... I am afraid that I have gotten out of order with this thing and hoping for someone to bring order from my chaos.

If I have forgotten something I will add it as reminded... I suffer from Senior Moments, I am 51 yrs old and have a wife with 6 children, so please forgive me if I am slow to respond.

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February 19, 2009 at 17:28:36
I did forget something... I forgot to say that the other cap I pulled off was covering the CLRTC Pins... These pins are right next to the Case Intrusion Pins... My original question should have been: Could this be the cause of no video signal to my Monitor... and in addition to the trouble with the monitor there is no signal to my keyboard... Mouse is a laser mouse and there is power to it... Not sure if the Hard Drive is operating or not, hard to hear it and I dont feel any vibration from it either... Can't tell if the DVD Burners are workin... Oh one more thing, I tried removing the memory, and I did get the beeps that tell me there is no memory, I am assuming this means the processor, and motherboard are working correctly. (fingers crossed)

I just want to add before I forget again that I have been reading a number of posts on this forum looking for an answer to my problem, and I was impressed with the compassion exhibited by the different folks giving advice, also was quite impressed with the quality of the advice given, and so here I am hoping to gain some compassion and quality advice. Have a great day, and I thank you in advance for any and all advice you are willing to part with.


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February 19, 2009 at 18:02:41
If you get beeps with the RAM removed and 'no' beeps with it installed, that can indicate that the RAM is causing a problem, and the motherboard is probably ok. The motherboard and CPU have to be ok to get beeps. Make sure the RAM is plugged in properly, and if you have more than one stick, try one at a time.

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February 19, 2009 at 19:34:51
"One of the troubling aspects of this power supply is that it has an 8 pin configuration that can be reduced to 2 four pin configurations for the ATX 12 Volt connection on the Motherboard which is a 4Pin configuration."
I assume that you connected one of the 4 pin
connectors to the motherboard ?
It is better to bench test the board outside the case first. Also, in general you do not have to connect every wire coming from the front of the case to the motherboard. For example, the fire wire you mentioned.
Did you install the heat sink and fan which came with the cpu ?

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Related Solutions

February 19, 2009 at 20:52:15
You broke rule #1...ALWAYS benchtest the hardware BEFORE installing it in a case!

Benchtesting is an important step because by doing so, you confirm that your basic hardware works. By "basic hardware" I mean board, CPU, RAM, PSU, video. And if there's a problem during benchtesting, it's much easier to work on the board when it's right in front of you rather than reaching inside the case. After the basic hardware is benchtested & confirmed to be good, THEN it can be installed in the case. But before any additional hardware is connected (HDD, optical drives, PCI cards, case fans, case wiring, etc), it should be tested again to confirm nothing went wrong during the installation. Once you confirm that the basic hardware works in the case, THEN you can go ahead & install the rest of the components. Unfortuantely you skipped these steps, now you have no idea what the problem is.

Just out of curiousity, who selected the hardware for this build? The CPU, RAM, HDD, PSU were all decent choices, but why that motherboard? The 945GC(A2)/ICH7 chipset combo is a bit outdated...you could have done much better. I'm assuming by the case that this system is gonna be used for gaming? If so, I don't see a video card mentioned anywhere? You can't play games using the GMA950 onboard graphics.

"One of the troubling aspects of this power supply is that it has an 8 pin configuration that can be reduced to 2 four pin configurations for the ATX 12 Volt connection on the Motherboard which is a 4Pin configuration."

What's troubling about it? It's an excellent feature. It means the PSU can be used with boards that have the 4-pin ATX12V or boards that have the 8-pin EPS12V. What's so difficult about separating the plug & using the 4-pin? Just make sure you use the right one. One 4-pin plug will fit, one will not...don't force it!

I don't care for the case myself but to each, his own:


I just downloaded the manual for the P5GC-MX/1333. The board doesn't support firewire so you obviously can't connect the case wires to anything...just tie them out of the way & forget about it. And the case intrusion is just a pain in the azz. Put the jumper cap back as it was & tie that wiring out of the way too. It is extremely important that you put the CLRTC jumper cap on the correct 2 pins. Get it wrong & you could possibly damage the board....at the very least it will prevent the board from booting. As it is, you most likely reset the BIOS, so that means once you get the system to boot, you'll have to access the BIOS & correct all the settings. That's not necessarily a bad thing because the BIOS settings should be manually configured anyway. Running defaults is never the best way to go.

My advice to you is to gut the case & start from scratch. Perform that all important benchtest or you're just spinning your wheels!


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February 20, 2009 at 07:12:52
Well I asked, and I received. I am amazed at the response time... my goodness, and the level of support just goes beyond my wildest imaginings. I dont know how to say thank you, if there were a place to donate, I would be making donations to each of you right now thru paypal of course. If you guys have web sites that you set up, please let me know, I would be thrilled to see them. Rest assured that I will be giving full attention to each of your suggestions.

aeqis1, I will most definitely try some other modules after I have gotten the motherboard out of the case and in a position to do a proper benchtest. I want you to know that your words have given me hope that all is not lost... at least not yet. Thanks again!

kx5m2a, Yes I did seperate the 8 pins and I did check both resulting plugs to make sure I plugged in the one that corresponded with the 4 pins on the motherboard. I left the firewire unplugged as there was no place for it. Yes I did install the heatsink and fan which came boxed with the CPU. I thank you for your orderly mind in helping me retrace some of the steps I have taken. Thanks Again I just hope the old verse that says better late than never is applicable here... We will find out.

jam, Well what can I say, I am guilty as charged, but then again I am always breaking some rules... at 51 and 6 kids later, I think the first rule was... USE CONTRACEPTIVES. OK, that was my attempt at humor. Now to business.
Again I say you are correct and have struck a chord with me. I should know better, but I allowed other feelings to influence my judgement.

As for selection, all credit must go to yours truly. I wish I could say I heard strange voices urging me to make the purchases I made, but they wont back me up, now they just remain silent... Ok sorry that was attempt 2 at humor. Back to business... The motherboard and case were pretty much impulse buys, I was down at my local computer store and they just happened to have these items where I could see them and of course without further adieu and without so much as a second thought I purchased them. That was last February, back in 2008, so it has been a year ago or so. The other parts mentioned were better planned, I went online and shopped around looking for what I thought would work best with the motherboard and case. I found all the items at MicroCenter Online and so made a list of the part numbers and prices. All of the items I purchased at MicroCenter just a few days ago. There were 2 items that I had to take alternates for, one was the memory because they were out of stock for the ones I had listed, and the other were the optical drives, because they were on sale and I got 2 of them for the price I would have paid for the one listed.

My son is 15, will be 16 in March, we are building this computer together for his birthday, and so yeah we were hoping it would be a screaming gaming machine.

The video card I purchased but have not yet installed, (still in the box) is a GeForce 9800 GTX PCIe. I wanted to install WindowsXP Home and get all the updates for Windows and for the drivers before I installed the video card.

The troubling part about the 8 pins is that it is new to me, dang new fangled items throw me in a tizzy.

jam you took the time and made the effort to download and read the manual for my motherboard so you could give me the best advice you could possibly give. My friend, that in my mind is going twice the distance... (if a man asks you to walk a mile with him, walk 2 miles with him). I thank you jam.

resoultion and hopefully solution...

I will gut the case and do the bench test just as soon as I am through typing this reply and download and print the instructions for benchtesting, which you so thoughtfully provided.

I thank you each for your answers, for your time and intelligence in helping me to resolve my problems which I probably could have avoided. Thanks for not chiding me to much :) Have a great day, I know that mine just got better.


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February 20, 2009 at 08:15:57
lookin: Good luck with redoing your build. You graciously accepted the constructive criticism you were offered.

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February 20, 2009 at 14:09:37
"at 51 and 6 kids later, I think the first rule was...USE CONTRACEPTIVES"

I'm older than you by a little bit but only have 1 kid. My wife has her own contraceptive device which has worked well (for her anyway), it's called "legs clamped shut"...lol. That method hasn't worked out so well for me though :(

"You graciously accepted the constructive criticism you were offered"

Yes, I agree with kx5m2g. I know that I can sometimes can be a little sharp with my criticism(s). I hope you managed to get that thing up & running. Let us know how you make out & don't be shy about asking for more help. Good luck.

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February 20, 2009 at 16:31:12
"I know that I can sometimes can be a little sharp with my criticism(s)." But that's what makes some of your posts entertaining.

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February 20, 2009 at 19:34:25
You guys are great, and from some of the posts I have read, I understand completely why you reply the way you do. I also thank you for your compliments, I was raised in a different era... jam knows what I am talking about... I am here seeking help, it is being offered free of charge to me. I have been around computers long enough to know what a pain it can be to deal with support techs and reps over the phone and online, through emails too. You folks are here, not because you are paid, but because you have a genuine desire to help others avoid some mistakes and to make the internet community a little more social. I will gladly take what ever advice you are willing to part with along with any (Here is your sign attitude)... I dont mind at all any pricks which I may feel as a result of my falling upon the thorns, cause the fragrance of the rose is so overwhelming that in time the pain of the stick will diminish and subside to nothing. You folks really do go beyond what is expected, and I for one wish there were a way for me to show my gratitude to strangers who have chosen to take time out of their lives to make mine a little more better.

And I got to agree with kx5m2a, it certainly is more entertaining and easier to absorb when the teacher isnt a dry old professor who knows nothing of or refuses to acknowledge my own self doubts, and shortcomings. So keep on being sharp jam, there is nothing in the world like it to keep others sharp around you.

OK now back to the topic, sorry I do get long winded but only when I have good people to agg me on... any way...

I have the motherboard out and stripped. It is setting on the box that my motherboard came in. The only items attached are the CPU with the heatsink and fan.
One stick of memory, that I purchased new today... OH and I found a problem with the memory I purchased the other day. While I was taking things apart earlier, I just happened to READ the sticker on the plastic that the memory came in, I know I have read it before, but something dawned on me. I checked the motherboard manual to make sure and then gave Micro Center a call to check it again... The memory I bought and was trying to use until today was DDR2 PC-6400, which runs at 800 MHz. My Motherboard only supports DDR2 PC-4200, or DDR2 PC-5300 max. I had a choice between the PC-4200 which runs at 533 MHz or the PC-5300 which runs at 667 MHz. Anyway I bought (2) one gig sticks of the PC-5300 and came home to put them in. So I have one stick of that in the motherboard.

I then connected the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and plugged in the power supply plugs to the motherboard. I also plugged in the switch from the tower cause I didnt want to do the screwdriver thing, sparks make me nervous, I use to jump my old chevy that way.

I crossed my fingers counted to ten then flipped the switch on the back of the PowerSupply, I then pushed the button on the front of the machine.

There was still no post, so following the printed pages of the BenchTest Tutorial, I inserted the other stick of memory. It was NO JOY. So I am thinking I might want to go take a look at a new motherboard and transfer what I have to it, or a better idea might be if I can sweet talk my ever-lovin wife would be to get a better board and buy new CPU and new Memory to go with it.

Does this sound valid? Or do you all think there may yet be hope for this motherboard, I dont know what I have missed... But evidently I missed something.

I am sorry that this has been somewhat fruitless, but I assure you that it is in no way due to any information or advice I have received here. I am very much appreciative of your time and efforts here, and I would still hit the donate button if there was one, I think you all should bring that up to the webmaster. Have a great day, Mine will get better...


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February 20, 2009 at 19:47:50
Try it with the RAM removed to see if you still get the error beeps like you did with the motherboard in the box. If not, something has gone wrong because it's worse now.

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February 20, 2009 at 20:44:37
Hello aeqis, thought I had lost you. I just did that test again, and there were no beeps at all, just the fan running on the CPU and silence. I think I killed it...

Man my son is not pleased, but I believe that all things work for the greater good. I think my son will to when I tell him what I have planned. But before I go to that, I would like to ask a new question, and I hope that it is ok to do so, cause it is related to this topic.

I know that I have pulled a couple of boners already with this machine, I dont want to do that again. I would like to know which motherboard, processor and memory you all think would go well with what I have already, I want to use the Power Supply, Optical Drives and Hard Drive that I have already purchased. I dont think the problem is with any of those items, but as jam brought to my attention, the manner in which I began it is kind of hard to rule anything out. So I want to start with a clean install, just asking for your opinions on which parts would work well with what I already have.

Thank you again folks, I really mean that with all my heart, I feel genuine gratitude to you 3 people who have reached out to help me. I wish you ever so well my friends, (hope that is ok to call you all that) in all your endeavors... I will be lookin for the chance to give back a little of the kindness I have received.

Have a great evening, It is always darkest before the dawn. LOL and if you are like me, most folks think I am a mushroom, so darkness suits me as well as daylight.


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February 20, 2009 at 21:03:56
I meant to add in the last response that while I am getting ready for bed here, In addition to retrying the memory test (No Mem Installed) to get the beeps. I completely took everything off the board, including the processor. So all I had was a bare board looking back at me. While I had it in this condition I followed another note from the Bench Test Tutorial and inspected every nook and cranny of the board. Upon finding no foreign debris in any of the ports, I began to reassemble the board. I put everything back as it had been, making sure that all connections were fully seated. Then tested board again, there was no post, and upon second test of No Mem, there were no beeps. That is why I said I think I killed it. UGH

Anyway I am ready to go out and get new gear, just hope you all are up for watching me wring my hands as I go about setting it up in a new board.

As always I look forward to your words of wisdom, humor, or just plain tellin me to go fly a kite in a thunderstorm. Have a great evening. I know I will as long as I know I havent caused any bad karma to flow your way.


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February 20, 2009 at 21:29:06
To get the beeps you need a working power supply, motherboard 'and' CPU (processor). Of course you also need a speaker connected or on the board

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February 20, 2009 at 21:49:04
aeqis1 You are right of course and so right on the speaker, I am not sure if there is an onboard speaker or not. I am pretty sure when it was in the case I was hearing the beeps coming from the case speaker. I will double check this in the morning. Man Welcome Back. Have to get to bed now, wife is calling me... I wish you all the best, and thanks again aeqis1 for that tidbit on the speaker, it never ocurred to me while I was performing the test.

Night all, I wish you pleasant dreams:)


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February 20, 2009 at 22:27:08
"I am pretty sure when it was in the case I was hearing the beeps coming from the case speaker"

Did I miss something or is this the 1st time you mentioned that you were getting beeps? That's an important detail. What was the beep pattern? Your board has an AMI BIOS...here's the beep code list:


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February 20, 2009 at 23:12:04
it's pretty upsetting to hear all this. how come the board made beeps while inside the case, hence was working, and now that you have it out, seems to be dead? did you connect the pc speaker to the motherboard? i looked at the manual images, there seems to be no buzzer onboard. either way, unless you've gone off to replace it already, here's my 5 cents:

- make sure your motherboard has the green LED between the pci slots lit up

-do a correct clear of your cmos as follows: unplug pc power cord, remove the mainboard battery, move the jumper cap to the two top pins of the clrtc jumper for 12 seconds. make sure you locate the right jumper, it's in the lower left corner of your mobo, opposite the pci slots.

-now about the chassis intrusion jumper.. make sure the jumper cap is on the top two pins of the jumper. and don't mess with that again, it may have set your bios into a numb state. (I'm hoping that's why you have no post) so chassis signal and ground are to be shorted by the cap.

-now try to boot. if no post still, open dvd rom and stick in the mainboard cd. then restart the pc and leave it alone for 3-4 minutes.if you see the message 'bad bios checksum' or anything similar on your screen, go grab a cigarette and let the cd do its thing. i doubt oyu've corrupted your bios, but who knows what may have happened.

-please make sure your pc speaker is connected to the 'spkr' connector on your mainboard before you boot

-make sure nothing else is connected, no hard disk, floppy, anything besides the cpu and the SAME RAM you were using when u heard beeps while the mobo was inside the case, but just one stick. plug your monitor into the onboard vga connector, make sure your power supply has BOTH connectors plugged into the board, and that the button you've connected to the power pins is the right button.

-when you press the power button on your case, make sure the green LED is ON betweeen the pci slots.

-if still no post, then you've either damaged the mobo, or the cpu, or you've touched a lead that goes to the bios chip with you bare hands and possibly rendered it useless. other than that, if it's not ONE of these three problems, it's all of them :)

best of luck

I always say it's best to doublecheck.

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February 21, 2009 at 09:35:54
Hey jam good to see you back, I did mention briefly about the beeps in response 1 where I forgot to say that the other cap was covering the CLRTC pins. I have been up (out of bed) about 3 hours now, I drove my wife to work, and came home to read the responses here. My own response has been delayed because I have been checking things out with a fine tooth comb.

Hello robpetrache,

Thank you for the 5 cents, it was useful. I haven't replaced it yet. But at this time I am thinking I need to. To answer your first question as to why the beeps were audible when the mobo was in the case is because I had the case speaker connected. Unfortunately it never dawned on me to reconnect the speaker when I did the bench test... so there was no sound... no beeps.

I do thank you all for hanging with me while I sort through this mess. Here is what I have done today.

Very First action I took was to follow the steps for erasing the RTC RAM as outlined by the manual for the mobo. This is also recommended by robpetrache in response 16.

I did the above by the numbers. I am satisfied the RTC RAM is erased, but am in no way uneasy about it. I am well aware that all the settings I need are contained on the mobo software disc. I just have to get a video signal to be able to make use of it.

Below are the steps I took in preparation for the first bench test this morning.

I connected the speaker from the case to the mobo.

I connected the power switch from the case to the mobo.

I connected the 24 pin from PSU to mobo.

I connected the 4 pin ATX 12 V from PSU to mobo.

I purposely left out the memory modules to force a beep code.

I connected the video cable plug from the monitor to the onboard vga socket.

I connected the keyboard and mouse to their respective sockets which are color coded, so pretty hard for even me to put them in the wrong place.

I then connected the power supply cable from the surge protector to the PSU.

OK, ready for power on test.

I turn the power on (push button) on monitor.

I turn the power on (flip switch) on back of PSU

I then push the button on my case to run power to the mobo.


I did get the beeps

I get one long, two short beeps (1 Long 2 Short)

I went to the site that jam provided to interpret what the beeps meant.

According to that site, 1 Long and 2 Short indicate: Failure in video system.

The Description is: An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered.

I also read from that site that when system boots you should get a short beep to let you know that all components are working and stable.

I did the bench test again with one stick of memory installed in the A Slot.

There were no beeps at all. The case speaker is still connected.

I then did the bench test again with empty memory slots. I got the same beep code the second time. 1 Long 2 Short.

I installed the other stick of memory into Slot A and there were no beeps at all upon reestart of the system.


I am concluding from the lack of a beep code when the memory is installed, and the video beep code when memory is uninstalled that there is a problem with the mother board that I am not equipped to deal with. Therefore rather than dragging this out with other possible solutions, I am willing to accept this and get a new motherboard. If any of you think I am being to hasty in this conclusion or know of something I have left undone, please do not hesitate to say so. I do value each of your opinions, and your good advice. And there has been nothing typed here on this forum from any of you that would change my original desire to hit the donate button if one existed. I thank you sincerely and consider you to be my friends because, your intentions are difinitely honorable. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing any words you wish to impart.

Have a Great Day, I will... It is important to me that none of you feel that I have come here looking for someone to blame for my ineptness or neglect. The important thing about this machine is my son, not the machine or the mother board or any components. It is not even important if what you have given to me is of help in my particular circumstance and situation. The information you have typed here in this forum is not only valuable, and is valid but also it does have relevance, it is not any of your doing if the information does not bring my dead horse to life. And you know the most important thing of all...

I have found friendly people and that is always the most important finding of all.

I will purchase a new mobo, processor, and whatever else it takes to give my son a decent machine. I will always remember the strangers who took the time to make an impression of good will on me.

Thank you for everything and mostly I thank you for the time you have generously given to me.


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February 21, 2009 at 10:02:22
I'll just make one thing clear, just in case. You should get error beeps when the memory is removed.

Here's a brief explanation of the beginning of the boot process. When you power up, the first thing that happens is the bios starts running it's code. It does a Power On Self Test (POST). It makes very basic checks of all the motherboard circuits to make sure it can communicate with them. If that goes well it outputs the single beep. If any problems are found it will output a beep code to indicate the area of the motherboard that is failing the test.

Since you get error beeps with the RAM removed, that indicates that the motherboard detected the missing RAM. It did output the error beeps which would tend to indicate that it is probably working ok. Since you don't get a single beep with either RAM installed, that is a bit confusing. I doubt if both RAM sticks are bad, so 'my' feeling is that either the sticks are incompatible with the motherboard or not being installed properly.

There could be something that I am overlooking, so wait for comments from others.

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February 21, 2009 at 10:10:43
You could try installing a PCI express video card. The onboard video may not be what is actually causing your problem, so this may not work. However, if you were going to buy a PCI express video card anyway, it might be worth a try.

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February 21, 2009 at 10:37:26

I am coming in on this thread at a late date. I would like to say it is truly refreshing to read that someone is appreciative of any help given here.

Now, I read where jam instructed you to replace the jumper on the CLRTC header, which I assume is the clear CMOS header. Did you then replace the jumper (cap) as instructed?

Have you tried to POST with ONLY the bare essentials as suggested?

PSU connections, Processor, HS/fan, 1 stick of RAM, keyboard, monitor. NO drives at all of any kind. No case to motherboard connections.

If present, verify the voltage selector is set correctly. If in the USA/Canada setting to 230V will NOT damage anything but system will not run.

The onboard video may have TWO connection ports. Be sure to use the primary port because the other one may be disabled in the BIOS. Also insert the one RAM stick into the first RAM slot as shown in the manual.

RAM compatibility might be an issue but with only one stick it is unlikely.

Virtually all modern motherboards have an integrated sound chip. This doesn't look like a speaker. Only function is to emit beeps. Probably no need to connect any case to motherboard wiring at all. That can just complicate matters.

Use a flat blade screwdriver to temporarily short the two pins used for the power button.

If you finally do get video, immediately enter teh BIOS screens (del) to set values as required.

All the PSU (power supply unit) connection must be make up correctly as instructed above.

Did you remove or install hardware while there was power connected to the board with the PSU switch in the ON position?

As jam mentioned above, attempting to start the system with the clear CMOS jumper in the wrong position can and may damage the motherboard.

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February 21, 2009 at 15:29:22
aeqis 1

quote from Response 18:

""my" feeling is that either the sticks are incompatible with the motherboard or not being installed properly."

What a statement that was and so full of simple truth. When I first read that sentence, I flushed, and wondered at your audacity to make such a statement. But upon rereading your words, they began to sink in a little bit deeper. I had to read that statement 5 times (I am a wee bit dense to be sure and it takes a two by four to get my attention sometimes) before it actually compelled me to re-check the memory modules I was using and the installation technique I was using to install them.

I hope you will accept my apology in regards to my initial response to your words. I know and am thankful I didn't make a rash response to you. But upon further study, I felt you were due an apology because my initial response made it difficult for me to accept your words and impeded my ability to allow them to do what you had intended which was to merely recheck the memory I was using and the technique I was using to install them. You implied nothing with your words, but my own pride came up and just about caused me to do something I would have regretted DEEPLY.

aeqis1, I thank you and applaud your audacious nature, and I hope to hear more from you. Along with jam's sharpness I can count on you all to Keep me on track.

Guess What... LightningFlash and ThunderboltStrike... I found something.

Something I should have seen days or even a year ago when I first opened the motherboard box and read the manual for the first time.

For those of you who downloaded my mobo manual, I found that something at the bottom of page 1-15.

It says: "This motherboard does not support memory modules made up of 128Mb chips or double-sided x 16 memory modules."

Why is that important you ask. Because the 2 sticks of memory I purchased last night are:

DDR2 667 (5) 1G x 16...

I went online to look up the definition and physical description of double-sided memory. What I found was that the sticks I have been trying to use with this system are incompatible with this mobo. To make it further insulting to me... I should have read this part when I was at the store last night, I had my book with me.

Anyway to make a long story short, I went online to a site called memory suppliers, and ordered 2 1 gig sticks from them. Here is the technical description of the sticks ordered:

Buffalo Select 1GB DDR2 D2U667C-1G/BR 2 15.00 667MHz PC2-5300 Non-ECC240 Pin DIMM

The order has been placed and I should receive them here at my home by Wenesday 2/25/09. IF all goes well I will be ready for further testing of this board Wednesday evening the 25th.

You and I must be kin, cause I had the same idea and since I just happened to have a brand new GeForce 9800 GTX PCIe Graphics Card here, I decided to give it a whirl. Am kind of disappointed to admit that did not work. There was still no video signal.
But at least we tried it. Do great minds really think alike? lol just gotta wonder sometimes. I do appreciate your suggestion my friend and hope you will keep offering up what you have, there can never be a wrong question right? So I believe there is never a wrong suggestion, just wrong actions by those who chose to follow the suggestions offered. I only say that because if you had suggested I go fly a kite in a thunderstorm or take a long walk on a short pier, or is that a short step off a high cliff, I probably would have declined. But in following this suggestion of yours, I have done no harm, and have crossed off something I have been wanting to try as being ineffective at this point. At the very least it has been tested.

Hello OtheHill,

I am happy you joined us today, another view point is welcomed no matter what stage operations are at.

Yes I did as jam instructed and replaced the cap on the CLRTC header.

Yes I removed the motherboard from the case and set up for a proper bench test as instructed by this thread:


that jam provided in response 4.

The only case to motherboard connections used were the speaker and power button connections.

The PSU has no selector for the voltage that I can see. I am acustomed to seeing the red switch on the back of the PSU. But on this one, I see only the socket where the power supply cord plugs in and the on / off switch.

There is only one VGA port, so I don't have a choice on where to plug the monitor to mother board.

I believe RAM compatibility is the issue at this time and have decided to delay further testing until I have new modules to install and test with.

Not sure how to reply to onboard sound chip, I only know that I haven't found anything in the manual that says there is one, and without the case speaker, I get no sound at all.

I am determined that once I have the new memory modules, I will take a couple of xanex and use the screwdriver to power on the motherboard.

I will definitely hit the delete key to enter setup if I ever see a flicker of life in the monitor.

I will double check all PSU connections once I have received new mem modules and am able to resume testing.

No, I was very careful about making sure there was no power going to the motherboard while I was installing components or making connections.

OtheHill, you may think you have arrived late, but I believe you are right on time.

Your presence and words are as welcomed as a cool breeze on a hot summer day. I am grateful to you, aeqis1, kx5m2q, jam, and robpetrache for giving your time to me. I know it may seem I am no better off now than when I first began this post. But I would beg to differ with anyone who held that view. I was alone in my first post here, but now here in Response 20 +, there are 6 of us seeking a solution to my problem. That makes me 6 times greater than when I began and has increased my chances 6 fold of finding a solution if one is to be had. With your counseling, patience, and trust in me to follow your instructions to the best of my ability, I am sure the answer is just around the corner.

I now have to be patient and quit being so hasty to acquire the wrong components. By me doing the acquisitions of the wrong or incompatible items, I make it seem as if your advice and wisdom is of no use, when in truth it has been your advice and wisdom that led me to this place where I could discover for myself that I have purchased the wrong items.

In any case I just want to say one more time that I thank you each for your input. I am going to hold up on making any more responses here until I get my memory back, lol attempt at humor.

There is one question, not sure how appropriate it is, so I am asking before I just throw it out there.
I have a photobucket account if any of you would like to see the face of the old geezer you have been interacting with and the face of the young man for whom this machine is being built. Let me know and I will be glad o throw up the link. Until we meet again I wish you all the very best of all life has to offer.

I had to edit this post because I left out one very important detail... robpetrache, please forgive me friend.


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February 21, 2009 at 17:49:40
"I am well aware that all the settings I need are contained on the mobo software disc. I just have to get a video signal to be able to make use of it."

wrong! your mainboard manual states that the cd that came in the box CAN be used to RECOVER damaged bios. what that means, is that you do NOT have to see video signal in order to repair damaged bios. see, that whole clrtc deal is about clearing programming code written on a chip on your motherboard. when you tried booting the board with the clrtc jumperc capped, there's a slight chance you could have rendered that code useless (though unlikely, I sometimes forget, but never had a bios chip erase on me). So putting in the mobo cd and booting blindly, will initiate the following sequence:

the board will read a sector on the cd, which contains the correct (original) bios code, and automatically re-write the bios chip for you. re-read my post, and the time stretch I told you to wait is there for a reason.

However, having newly found the RAM issue, i assume I was on the dot when I asked that you make sure pc speaker is connected if you wanna hope for hearing beeps :) Let me just state, if you get beeps, the processor is 100% fine, the mobo is probably working fine too. you really can't borrow a ram stick for your boot test? generic anything? that's what i'd have done, prior to buying new ram. either way, I hope once you stick in the new ram, you will have your hoped-for post. however, if you put in the right ram and still don't get the POST, do the cd-in scenario and just wait patiently. if all is right with the ram, and the board can't boot due to a damaged bios code, it will re-copy it from the cd, i can't stress this enough. you can't give up on a mobo that beeps brother, it's functional if it beeps.

"Virtually all modern motherboards have an integrated sound chip. This doesn't look like a speaker. Only function is to emit beeps. Probably no need to connect any case to motherboard wiring at all. That can just complicate matters.". all modern mobos do not have an onboard buzzer/speaker, though by God they should! I looked in the manual, and there seems to not be one here. that's why there were no beeps after removing the board from the case, thing that lead people to believe something had gone south for good :D

I always say it's best to doublecheck.

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February 21, 2009 at 18:37:48
lookin, you absolutely do not owe me an apology. You didn't say anything that offended me, even a tiny bit. Good work in discovering that you had the wrong RAM type! Buying the wrong RAM is not a piece of cake, I have made a mistake doing it myself. :-)

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February 22, 2009 at 03:53:21

Thanks man, I do appreciate your candor, I really do, like I said before I am a wee bit dense and sometimes you have to hit me really hard with a two by four square between the eyes to get my attention.

But you have it, my attention that is, and of course you are on the money... Each of you has been right on with your advice and the steps to be taken to eliminate problems so that the machine will come to life. The problem has not been with you as I have seen personally in so many of these posts, it is with me... I am the one that is physically connected to this mobo, and as much as you would like to be here putting these pieces on or at least being able to see them being placed, well I know from experience it is or can be exasperating trying to tell someone what to do, and not knowing for sure if they understand the directions you are giving them
and therefore not knowing for certain if they are following the directions as intended. But I assure you, not for the purpose of chiding or to raise your level of irritation, but to put you at rest when I say that I am following the directions as prescribed. You all are a TERRIFIC GROUP of PEOPLE. You all wont let me give up until I have either found the source of my problem or until we all realize together that the problem is unfixable.

That is what makes this site so special, because I was ready to give up, go buy a new set of stuff. But because of who you all are and becaue of the words you chose to use, you have energized me and kept me on course. I can't thank you enough each of you, together we make up a six pack of minds dedicated at the present time to finding a soulution for my son's machine. You folks are strangers to me, you have no real idea of who I am, and yet you talk with me as a friend, as a brother, as a person.

Thank you for that gracious response my friend. I truly do appreciate you and your analytical mind.

I will try to find someone who has a stick of memory I can borrow, but I dont have many friends here who have computers, most of em are my age and want nothing to do with the devil's contraption. But I will look around, I didnt mean to turn this in to a saga... sorry guys.

I wish you all a great day, I know that I will have a good one.

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February 27, 2009 at 10:07:14

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March 4, 2009 at 21:27:57
Well my friends, I am joyful today. My son turned 16 Sunday and was somewhat disappointed that his new computer would not come to life. So you ask why on this Wednesday I am joyful... Because I went back to the store and bought a new mobo and another CPU. I came home and did the bench test. EUREKA, I got POST. So I set about setting up the components... AGAIN I got POST. I finally put it altogether in the dragon case, and everything is working fine. My son is more joyful than me. I do thank you folks again for your thoughts, for your advice, but the old mobo that I was working with just would not come to life. I am not sure what the problem is with it, so I am taking it down to a computer lab and have a tech run diagnostics to try and locate the problem. In any case I do thank you all again for your time and efforts, I know that you all really know your stuff.

Have a great evening, I wish you all the very best that life has to offer, and I also wish you the good fortune to run into people such as yourselves:)

In my last post I believe I mentioned that I had ordered memory from a company, I am sad to say that I cannot recommend that company to anyone else... As for the memory I ordered, I am still waiting for it to show up.

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