I- INC Monitor Flashes Off and On, Won't Stay Lit.

January 31, 2012 at 01:05:41
Specs: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium, AMD Phenom II X4 805quad core, 8GB DDR2, with 1TD HDD
I have a I-INC Monitor (28") about 2 years old. This problem started 3, or 4 months ago, Occasionally it would "Blink" off, just for a fraction of a second, and then stay on. The frequency, and duration it stays off has increased, to where it takes hours of "Blinking" on and off, before coming back on.
I've unplugged it, and tried it again hours later. Some times that works.
I use this as a Computer Monitor, as well as a TV. (I plug it into my Cable Box) It does seem to do a little better (not much) on the Computer.
I see others have the same problem, no matter what size it is.
I'm going to look and see if there's a Recall on these products.
I think we all should complain to the Gov. Bureau of Consumer Protection, and see if we can't get them to Recall, or Fix them.
I've changed the HDMI cord,
but I haven't tried using the VGA port, cause I don't have a Cable for it.
If I pull the Cable out while it's ON, then a message appears, saying it has no signal, and the power light goes to Yellow (standby),
when I plug it back in, and the message goes away, and the light turns to Blue (Operating Mode) While the screen remains Black.
Although, plugging the Cable back IN will get it to "Blink" a few times, but ends up going black.
I will say this, when it does Blink, you can see what ever is on the TV or Computer screen just fine.
My suspicion is that there must be a "switch" that kicks it from "Primary" to a "Secondary" Circuit, because it will Blink ON, and shows the picture or screen, just for a second, and then it seems (to me) to "Kick" to another Circuit, and then goes black.
I was hoping that someone might know if this is true,(secondary circuit) and tell me what to look for.
I Thank you for taking the time to read my Problems. (Boo Hoo)
Listen, I don't have a lot of money, and If I can Fix this, it would make me very happy.
Thanks again !
PS I'm running Windows 7, but I'm sure it makes no difference. I've set it to Never Sleep, or Hibernate. My Cable box is a Motorola DVR My, Services are ATT U-Verse.

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January 31, 2012 at 03:54:44
Verify that it's not your graphics adapter inside the PC that's faulty. Hook up another monitor to it and if you get the same symptoms it's your graphics adapter that needs changing.

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January 31, 2012 at 12:08:10
Thank You PIP22, for taking the time to answer my post, (and very quickly !)
After posting my problem, I saw a link here on these pages titled,
" 19" I-INC Monitor Turns On & Off Repeatedly"
Posted by *franicat* Aug.31, 2011, @11:56:14 Pacific.
And was answered by *V.A.R.* Jan.6, 2011, @9:19:44 Pacific.
He sounded quite sure about his answer, and one I'm going to try.
Don't get me wrong, I more than appreciate your help, and I'll try it just for fun,.. once I find another Monitor to use.
But the reason I don't have much faith in your FIX is,
that it does the same thing when I plug it in to my DVR.
I have two other TV's working off the same DVR, and they have no problems.
It's unlikely, that Both, the Computer, and DVR would Share the same problem, while the other TV/Monitors on the system show no problem.(It would be a Big problem to move all this stuff to the other side of the house(take it off the wall). Others in the house would have a fit)
I've read a lot of posts on the Internet. Many have said that it's the settings, or Cable, OS, or some component.
All and all, most of them blame the Computer. Still after all the fixes, the problem remains, which I've always felt that the problem is in the Monitor.
I love Electronics, but have little experience working with a Multi-Meter beyond testing AC/DC Voltage, and checking Continuity.
I don't know what or how to check the values, or even knowing one part from another. (I do know some of them) I can solder in switches, and little junk like that, but really, I'm lost.
I'm hoping I'll learn when trying to fix this Monitor. (You can't break what's already broken)
I know of a parts store (Orvac Electronics) in Fullerton Ca, that will probably help me find the Bad part(s) or I'll take it by a Night School. But I'll Learn.
I Thank You for your time PIP22, and on my way out the door, I'll try your fix. I'll plug it into another Computer.
I'm going to wait until Monday before I start "fixing" on it.
~ Maybe others might have some more Suggestions, so I'll wait.
Thanks for your Time and Help.
It's Appreciated !

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November 8, 2012 at 07:14:54
I took mine to Best Buy and they could not fix it. They told me that they can not get the parts for it, (boards). I contacted the mfg. to see if I could get the boards but they never replied. Did you have any luck contacting the consumer bureau ?

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