I have Amazon fire 8

Amazon Amazon kindle fire 8 gb wi-fi bla...
June 29, 2019 at 09:14:47
Specs: Whatever fire runs, No idea
I have Amazon fire hd 8. And no usable cell phone. How can I register without phone? The phone I have is a really piss-poor ZTE z3001 crapster . It was sent to me by Q link wireless with cracked screen, NOT "REFURBISHED" ---AND with original phone #---I was getting 10 calls a day from people the previous user owed money to ---Q link will not change number and I unknowingly entered that number into all my accounts trying to change it and as time went by, a week or two, I got notices that the # was flagged and that more or less froze many of my accounts-' facebook, ebay, several businesses where # came up flagged, student loans-- and her name etc was linked to my accounts like she and I had some type
of relationship-- I found her in face book and found her grandmother who was ALSO looking for her. . My problem is Q link and their garbage product and registering my kindle fire. All its good for us YouTube at this time-- as a matter of fact, that's about all phone is good for.

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June 29, 2019 at 12:48:05
Obviously you should have immediately returned the defective phone. Since you seem dissatisfied with their service then discontinue it. There are cell phone stores on practically every street corner in America. So get a new one with a new service provider. And unless you like being pestered don't pass your new number around. With a new phone setting up amazon fire shouldn't be a problem.

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