I have a Dell optiplex sx270

April 5, 2011 at 05:02:00
Specs: c
My problem is that i have no floppy and only a USB external DVD RW on the P.C.
I have come up against the problem of
Windows Can not start properlybecause the following file is missing or is corrupt
\windows\system 32\config\system\
I have tried booting in safe mode, save mode with networking and last known good configuration with to no avail as the P.C. keeps rebooting and offering me the came options.
I have booted pressing the F8 key that takes me ito the sytem bios but i am not sure if that area can help.
I have from a previouse P.C. a fully licenced version of Windows XP home but this boots from floppy and my current P.C. dose not have a floppy or DVD rom installed. I have the feeling i am well screwed though if anyone can offer advice i will be well pleased.

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April 5, 2011 at 06:34:39
Your XP cd should be bootable. Check your bios to see if you have the option to boot from a usb device. If it has the option, set it to boot from your external dvd player and save the settings. Then use your xp cd to do a reinstall. If you don't have the option to boot from a usb device, check your mobo manufacturer's website to see if there is a bios update with that feature.

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April 5, 2011 at 06:50:50
The first thing you may want to do though is check your HDD, as this type of error can be related to a bad or failing HDD. Test your HDD with the free manufacturers hard drive utility available from the hard drive manufacturers website to make bootable floppies or CDs to thoroughly test your hard drive surface area, mechanics and electronics:
- Seagate/Maxtor (Maxtor acquired by Seagate): Seatools.
- Western Digital: DataLifeguard.
- Fujitsu: Fujitsu Drive Test (FJDT).
- Hitachi/IBM: Hitachi Drive Fitness (HDFT).
- Samsung: (HUTIL).
- Toshiba (Fujitsu, Samsung or Hitachi utilities may work).

DELL systems - you can use the Dell Diagnostics to test your HDD too.

This error "Windows Can not start properlybecause the following file is missing or is corrupt \windows\system 32\config\system\" is caused by a corrupt part of the registry, in this case the System Hive.

If you can boot to the USB CD/DVD, and if you don't want to reinstall the OS, you can try a registry repair: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545

I've done this registry repair several times with pretty good success on time consuming to reimage business workstations.

MOOOOooove! OH and you're welcome!

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April 21, 2011 at 19:12:46
Sorry it has taken so long to post a response, I have only just checked my mail. This is the first time I have posted a question on a form and appreciate all the advice. It might take me a while to try some of the solutions stated. If I get it to work or not is another question but I really appreciate the advice and time taken to post a response, Kind regards, ScottishStu

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