i can't get into my laptop

February 4, 2012 at 08:58:39
Specs: Windows 7
my computer is giving this which don't work to boot my lap top

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February 4, 2012 at 09:25:47
You have not supplied any information for us to determine what your problem is other than you can't get into it.

In some cases people will say they can't get into their laptop when their problem is actually they are able to boot the computer fine but they can't get into Windows, or Windows isn't working properly, or there is a problem detecting the hard drive.

If you are able to use the computer and only have a problem getting into Windows itself, or some other Windows problem, or the hard drive isn't being detected properly, tell us more about that.

If the laptop has a system access password that was set in it's bios - you must provide it in order to use the laptop at all
- or if it has a hard drive access password that was set in the bios - you must provide it to access the hard drive
...make sure that you have typed it correctly, and that the state of the Caps lock key is correct - off or on (usually an led lights up when it's on) - for when you enter the password.
In any case. you are often limited to a small number of trys if the password you try doesn't work, e.g. three, then you must restart the computer if you need to try again.

We are not allowed to help you on this web site if the laptop has a password that was set in the bios you claim you don't know or have forgotten

It's extremely unlikely you or a legitimater former owner would forget a system access or hard drive access password if you are or they were the legitimate owner becaise it would have to be entered every time you use or they used the laptop

We have no way of confirming that you have the legitimate right to access the laptop or it's hard drive. It's easy to steal a laptop, so you could be a thief, or someone who bought a stolen computer. Or you could just be trying to access someone else's laptop who doesn't want anyone accessing it without their permission.

If you are the legitimate owner of the laptop, contact the brand name's web site about your problem. If you proivide sufficient proof to them that you are the legitimate owner, they may help you. Note that most brand names will ONLY do that for the ORIGINAL owner.

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