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May 25, 2010 at 10:39:39
Specs: Windows Vista
Wondering if anyone knows how to run 2 computers of of the Huawei? I have a router and can use the laptop wirelessly and I can use it on the desktop but not both at the same time. I do have an ethernet cable connected also so I'm not sure what else to try.
Thank you

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June 12, 2010 at 17:38:53
it's easy. Install the Huawei USB modem onto one of the
computers, then use Windows ICS to share the connection
through that system's Ethernet port. You can use a CAT-5 or
CAT-6 Ethernet cable (the crossover type) to directly connect
the Ethernet ports of the 2 systems. You can also use one of
the the following to share the Internet connection with more
(I've attached as many as 12) systems:

1) an Ethernet switch (the cheapest, and simplest method - it
works great) or

2) a router that has the DHCP server ENABLED (in this case,
plug the Ethernet cable coming from the Internet-providing
system into the Internet port of the router, the workstations
into the hardwired ports; you can also connect the
workstations wirelessly if using a wireless router. A caveat of
this setup is that network resources (shared drives & printers)
on the Internet-providing system cannot (easily) be accessed
from the workstations on the other side of the router's firewall.
If this is a problem, use

3) A router that has its DHCP server DISABLED. In this case
DO NOT USE the router's Internet port! Plug all systems,
including the Internet-providing system into one of the
hardwired ports on the router, or connect to the router
wirelessly. All systems can see each other on the network,
and can share drives and printers. The software (Windows)
firewall of the Internet-providing system provides (some, not
perfect) protection from Internet intrusion.

Method 3 is really the same as method 1, but allows easy
attachment of wireless devices; Similar functionality could be
attained by adding a wireless access point to setup 1, but
who wants to buy that when so many inexpensive wireless
routers are available?

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