HP monitor turns off

March 7, 2010 at 10:47:07
Specs: Windows XP
When my wife wearing a heavy fleece robe gets near the monitor it shuts off. I think it's the static electricity of the robe that is causing the problem........is this causing any damage to the monitor and what is the solution. I did have a new mboard installed recently.....don't know if there is a connection but I don't think it shut off before the new board was installed.

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March 7, 2010 at 10:48:32
lose the robe or invest in a new monitor

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March 8, 2010 at 07:14:01
The LCD inverter board, moniters the voltage to the ccfl's, the light behind the LCD plate, so static voltage may be the cause the fluxation and hence the inverter that supplies power switching, age of the LCD may make it more suspentable, as the capacitors can lose their effective over time, making it boarder line, I use the solution below to fix ones that were on the blink (ok after 15mins) , may be of some help. external or internal both use high voltage, same effect as when using kitchen strip lighting [========] !?

The lcd has three parts the screen plate(windows)/the logic(vga)/the inverter(power plug). You have 2 out of 3 working ok. The power save option

via the vga(on/off, connected/dis) is rerunning the lcd self test and finding an error(the plate in this case). Parts that go are the backlight

ccfl's, behind the plate, and parts of the inverter, ie capacitors, all three take a bit of power from the inverter. The self test check that all

the lights are ok and the inverter is ok, else it switchs off, ie if 3/4 light work it will switch off(my own case), hence the on chech error

then off, However sometime there are stages of on/off ie on/ but no perm screen display(only temp), if that is the case the following may be of

help...if you put bright light at an angle close to lcd can you see a windows shadow, text icons etc, ie still logic power passing(vga),then ....

(from a.n. other) after two weeks searching I finally find doctor living stone http://www.aplusperfect.com/article... more fun

with paulbtorrent the takening the case bit off is like opening your wallet a second time after buying a new LCD, but you must! smallest two

screw driver's flat headed, practice using two pennies stuck together()with your fingers after, one little () move and inch and {} again, with

the case , it does not break, just need to lever open
[once open you realize they somehow put that old briefcase clip inside!] also note the bright light test to do first to see if can see a windows

screen , and that capacitors are one for a number of things that a make a inverter work! there a transistors as well, given that however, to

replace all the capacitors on my inverter, was 11 capacitors, cost me $11 (uk ebay) and already had the iron and solder. So only cost me me $11

to try and see but no luck , still fun and I still can see the screen for 2 sec' at a time plus I have a spare set of caps now in the event that

the new one do go burst! you have to laugh really, what next , a new on/off button, as you work though the whole thing !
mmmMMMMmmmMMMMmmmMMMMTim Berners-leeMMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmmcome back all is not
wellMMMMMMMMMMnnnnnnweek later land sight mmmmmMMMMMMMMMmmmmgggggggg(from
another a.n other)Generally, if the screen went out quickly, it was the inverter. If it went out over a slow period of time (flickering etc..) I

would bet it is the lamp.replaceing the lamp should be pretty challenging. as that requires complete breakdown of your LCD, extraction of your

dead lamp, and soldering in your new lamp... but I would like to say that I it did this after realizing it's 2 x kitchen strips inside

[========] x 2 with wires that can connect back to the inverter with out any desoldering(ie kit assembly/dis) with the outter case remove (glass

plate safe away) I could reconnect and see that 3/4 were working (i!i hardcard ) cause the inverter to switch off after a secound ! order ccfl

and replace and going to cheap and see if I can get away with fitting a 15" in my 19' as it a 1/3 of the price ! the market as drop out there,

hope the inverter does not miss the length, or the screen out put.
http://www.lcdparts.net/howto/troub... OR MONITOR, I when a head because I could get the inverter to keep the 4 going out

of their shell, but in the strip, using a spare, but then I broke a wire joint and then broke a tube. But at least I found out a bit more about

inverters and ccfl's ! After hong konging a part a 20.1 for $8, plus a 15, got it to work, the bottom of the screen looks like a cinema, dark at

the sides, will have to order another 20" cclf at some point, but at least my HF207 is now working ok hence this note !paulbtorrent!

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March 8, 2010 at 08:04:47
If this is a desktop computer, the computer and the monitor (and everything else that plugs into the computer that plugs into AC directly or into AC via a power adater that has a grounded - 3 prong - plug) must be plugged into something that has a continuous ground connection all the way back to power panel. The plug on the cord for the computer or monitor (or other 3 prong AC plug) should NOT have the ground prong broken off, and whatever you plug them into must have a ground connection. Never use a connection that only uses just the two live AC connections.

If that doesn't help, static electricty can do all sorts of damage ! She should NOT wear the robe when she's near the monitor !

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