hp laptop display testing problem

Hewlett-packard Pavilion dv9500t noteboo...
June 7, 2011 at 14:01:22
Specs: Windows Vista
How do I test my display problem? My HP dv9500 LCD display only loads to look like this:
with colored static over black screen. Everything runs and lights up okay. I have taken it apart and was going to reflow the video chip with a pen torch, but have never done that (though I am comfortable with a torch). Fn+F4 with VGA cable to an external monitor did nothing. Is there something else I should test before I attempt this? Could it just be cables or the LCD? Any help is appreciated.

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June 10, 2011 at 05:29:51
So when you connected the monitor with VGA did you get the exact same display? you may need to toggle Fn and F4 a few times in order for it to cycle to the VGA.

if you get the same broken display on the monitor then indeed your graphics card is damaged. repairing / replacing isnt very easy. if you think you can do it then give it a try,

if the display is clean and normal then its the monitor and or inverter.

From what i have read, resoldering a graphics chip to a motherboard isnt as straight forward as heating it, well it is, but you have to heat it gradually, incramenting the temperature slowly and at a steady pace, you will also need to cover the rest of your motherboard in something like foil to avoid it heating up and burning.

There are always 'best practices' and there are always 'shortcuts' i dont always use best priactice myself, as i am comfortable that i am extrememly careful when i work. but something like this you may want to read about before you go ahead and just heat that sucker up.

read some guides online before you attempt it.

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June 14, 2011 at 21:16:04
When I attempt the external monitor connected with VGA and try Fn+F4, nothing happens. I've pressed it multiple times, but the external monitor doesn't even respond. It simply says no signal if I power it down then up and fades to black. Does this mean I'm not testing the external monitor properly? Should it show something?

I'm not sure what the laptop is loading since it only shows the static. The hard drive light flashes and I hear it working for a time, but I don't know if it's loading Windows regularly. Can I test an external monitor if the laptop isn't loading anything properly?

I've already watched several videos and read a few write-ups about reflowing the solder. I would cover everything except the chip with foil and an aluminum can. I've worked with fine metals and done soldering so I would be very careful and cautious to heat it.

It would probably be over $300 to replace the motherboard since the video chip is integrated, so I won't really be losing out by attempting this reflow, unless the problem is something much more simple and I fry the chip unnecessarily.

If I don't find any other possibilities, I'll attempt this soon and update with what happens. Thanks for your advice!

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June 17, 2011 at 10:54:17
Okay. I was so close to torching my video chip for nothing! Haha. I decided to test an external monitor once more and it worked! This was the first time I had the computer apart and tested the external monitor with the laptop display disconnected. That seems to be the answer. I'm not sure why the laptop display has to be disconnected for the external monitor to work, but it does. I tested the laptop display again and it is still static, so it's either the cables, the inverter, or the LCD itself, right?

I had to go through Startup Repair which failed several times. Then I had to do a System Restore twice to the earliest point for it to function once again.

Now that the display works on an external monitor, I am having startup issues. I can boot up and log in, but at some point during the desktop load it crashes to blue screen and restarts. I can run in safe mode fine, but have no clue why it's crashing otherwise. Any help there?

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