HP a6242n boot error: System Fan Has Failed!

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September 9, 2009 at 14:56:25
Specs: Windows Vista Home Premium
Came to my computer to find it had the below error message. This is a 2 year old HP Pavillion a6242n:

Error: System Fan Has Failed! Service PC to prevent damage to the system. press <F2> to continue.

I found a similar thread here, but never figured out what they did to correct. I don't get this error message on every bootup, but have received it several times.

The PC is a HP Pavillion a6242n. The case fan is a Foxconn model # pv902512L

i ran speedfan, and the system fan is running around 700 RPM. The CPU fan is running around 1700 RPM, leading me to believe its the case fan that needs to be replaced.

Can someone confirm that sounds right?

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September 9, 2009 at 15:10:42
I should add that I have not modifed this PC in anyway, prior to receiving this intermittent error message.... : )

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September 9, 2009 at 15:35:24
The bios usually pays no heed to the rpm of a case fan.

It's a lot more likely the message is about the CPU fan - the most important fan in the SYSTEM.

Go into the bios Setup. There may be a setting for the minimum rpm of the cpu fan, and a lot less likely, for the fans connected to other 3 pin fan headers on the mboard.
If an rpm goes below that minimum, the bios generates a warning message.

If the minimum rpm for the cpu fan is higher that it's presently spinning, either the bearings in the CPU fan are failing, or it's extremely filthy and can no longer spin as fast as it should because of that.

If there is no minumum rpm setting like that, the cpu fan is probably spinning slower than bios defaults expect . In that case, it doesn't matter whether the cpu fan is used or new, you have to install one that spins faster to stop the error message.

1700 rpm sounds too slow for a cpu fan, but it depends on it's diameter - usually the larger diameter the slower it spins.
If you don't see an rpm rating on it, tell us the brand, diameter of the blade, and model if that's there.

I was unable to find the rated rpm for the Foxconn model pv902512L, but 700rpm does sound way too slow.
".... 92mm, 0.16a Dc 12v"

Unplug the case/power supply.
Power off your monitor.
Open up the case by removing the left panel as seen when you're looking at the front of the case.

Take a look at the labels on the CPU fan and the case fan. Sometimes it's rated rpm is printed on it.

If the cpu fan/heatsink has mung (dust, lint, etc.) on it, clean it off, but DO NOT use a vaccuum cleaner to do that (they produce a tremendous amount of static electricity when running, and anything connected to them can discharge that to your components) - use canned air, or an air nozzle if you have access to an air compressor, or an artist's brush that can be used in small spaces, etc. It may be difficult to clean the top of the heatsink under the cpu fan - the most likely place to have mung on it - and the bottom side of the cpu fan blades unless you remove the fan. If you have a case fan, clean that too if it needs it.

With the cover still off, restore the AC power, start the computer and make sure the cpu fan spins - if it doesn't spin, if you're sure the power supply is working okay, don't use the computer until you have replaced it.
If it spins too slowly, and/or if it makes rattling or screeching noises, most likely to be noticed when the computer has cooled to room temp, has not been used for a while, and then is started up, the cpu fan's bearings are failing - replace it as soon as you can.

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September 9, 2009 at 15:44:29
Just to say that my PC has 1700 rpm CPU fan and it holds fine at about 32C. It doesn't look particulary large but presumably it is.

some other bloke...

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September 10, 2009 at 16:58:18
I have gone up and down and side to side around the BIOS countless times and can't find anything that mentions the fan (cpu or case).

I have 3 fans. Power supply fan, a case fan, and the CPU fan.

I disconnected the case fan and rebooted the computer twice - each time immediately triggering the "system fan has failed" error message. Previously it was intermittent, so this made me pinpoint it was the case fan. So I went ahead and replaced the case fan with a 92mm Antec Tricool double ball-bearing case fan.

Its no longer triggering the error when booting.

Its interesting though, SpeedFan is still showing it spinning at approx 715 rpm. So I'm at a loss! Also interesting - the Antec fan packaging shows that the fan can run at Low (1200 rpm), Medium (1800 rpm), or High (2200 rpm) - and I'm apparently not running at any of these (or SpeedFan is wrong). I'm sure I'm looking at the right fan - because if I stop it with my finger - the fan speed goes to zero.

I'm assuming the motherboard selects the speed - since if I move the switch to Low or Medium - it stops altogether.

I'm curious if you have any thoughts to these findings?

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