HP 625 Notebook making beeps after boot

April 12, 2011 at 14:26:06
Specs: Windows 7, 20
HP 625 Notebook is making a repetitive short beep after startup. The beep is a single beep, every few seconds or so. Sometimes the beep would go away for 10 minutes or so, then it starts again. At other times, it goes away completely after the machine has been on for 1-2 hours. No other problems. The machine is functioning perfectly, all programs are working. The machine was bought brand-new, and currently has been in operation for 3 months. The beep is NOT coming from speakers/sound system, but internally -- from the machine itself. My CPU Usage 9-20%, Physical Memory 53%. Please help me fix this problem. Thank you for your help.

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April 12, 2011 at 14:47:22
Read this part then read below.

That is what we call beep codes. It tells the tech that some major part is at fault.

Since it is so new you may have to send it in for warranty. If you attempt to fix it, your warranty may be void but email them to be sure.

About the only thing you can do to a laptop is to re-seat parts. Memory may have gone bad. The beeps tend to indicate what the problem may be but you have to get service doc's for that.

Are you saying that the thing beeps and you can still use it?

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April 12, 2011 at 15:33:38
Thank you for a swift reply, jefro. Also what a good advice about warranty and not trying the fix! Yes, the thing beeps and I can still use it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it other than beeps -- all programs and connections are functioning normally. No hangs, no flaws. Just random beeps... The HP first started making soft rustling/clicking sounds from the right-hand side where the CD/DVD drive is, as if there was a bug flying inside. That lasted for a week, and now changed into random beep (coming from the same side, not from fan which is on the left-hand side).

What do you mean by re-seating parts? As in something is loosy?

One thing I noticed off the start is that the "brain" component, that you click into the new machine to assemble the laptop, clicks in fine but it does sits a bit loose, wobbly. This is my 1st HP and I assumed this is how they make their machines. Is this part supposed to sit tight & immovably on HPs?, could this be the source of beeping problem?

Thank you for taking your time to reply!

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April 12, 2011 at 20:08:17
Actually I am now confused. Normally a computer only beeps when there is a major fail and one can't use it at all.

Might have to have someone listen to it to get an idea if it is a beep from a small speaker or if it is another noise.

As for the parts being tight that was more of the didn't work at all deal.

If it is the computer speaker (not your front speakers but a small button sized speaker on the motherboard) then it would be a warranty deal. I can't imagine a good computer using that speaker for any other reason than a failure.

Have a friend get a listen and maybe make a new post as to results.

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April 18, 2011 at 18:55:07
Hey, jefro. Sorry it took a few days to post the update. I was waiting for any progress or problem explanation that I could post, for no doubt I'm not the only one experiencing this problem and many other folks looking for the solution online.

Unfortunately all of my friends are as IT savvy as I am. Which means we know zilch about computers, because we just do not work with them. And where I live propeller heads charge a hefty fee just to look at the problem, I'm not in a position to afford that luxury.

Your advice and guidance have been tremendously helpful for me in understanding what could be wrong with the PC.

I've emailed HP Technical Support. Holly Molly, what a... ! After I spent 10 minutes elaborating on a problem to the smallest of detail in email, and filling all the contact forms, all I receive from them is an email: send us your telephone number. Again, I mail them my number, this time both landline and mobile. Over the weekend I have not heard from them, obviously the staff was off. Now, on Monday I receive an email: your case has expired and was closed, we only keep cases open for 5 days. Whaaaaat? I filed my case in on Wednesday! Thursday I was offline and on Friday I sent them my phone numbers like requested.

So no progress yet. The thing keeps on beeping -- occasionally, but persistently. Yep, it's working all right. So I take comfort in that.

Yes, you are very correct in saying that it could be the motherboard speaker for the sound does come from the motherboard, not the music speakers. Stupid question: how do I make them honor the warranty?

Do I go to the HP directly, or to the retailer? Do I have to swap the machine entirely or just some parts? In this case, should probably be cutting memory data on CDs...

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