HP 530 LCD Display Shifted to Right!!!

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November 3, 2009 at 10:12:24
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Intel Core Duo 2.16Ghz / 2037 MB
Dear All,

Hello! I am extremely disappointed these days b’coz of the way things are turning out for my HP 530 Laptop. And all these issues are happening merely b’coz of the fraud people in Mumbai, India whom I had given my laptop to for either LCD Screen replacement or “By paying the money and changing the LCD screen”. The computer market of Mumbai is highly equipped with people of dishonesty and fraud minded attitude and even if one pays money to them, they are still bound to cheat you! All are simply crooks and keep thinking of ways to cheat innocent and genuine people like me. The entire computer market in Mumbai city are filled with Frauds...thereby not leaving back a single person or an organization to trust on.

My Laptop’s Issue...
This morning, when I turned ON my laptop, I see the entire display of my Laptop being shifted from Right to Left by 10% thereby leaving black area at the right hand corner. Last week, when I turned on my laptop for about few mins, the screen was perfect positioned fine. However, due to the internal fan not rotating, I had to shut down my laptop with 5-7 mins. I had also Disassembled and Reassembled the entire laptop 2 weeks back to check the Fan area if there’s any dust and blew Vacuum Blower to remove any dust in the Fan area if any. Also, I could see the Fan’s connector being properly connected to Motherboard. After Re-assembling everything, I turned on my Laptop and I could still see the Display being positioned perfectly fine! But, the Fan still wasn’t rotating.

Also, when I hooked up an external monitor to my Laptop VGA connection, the display positions perfectly fine on an external monitor! But still, the display remains shifted to Right on the LCD screen of my HP 530 Laptop. This I believe is a physical shift taken place as at BIOS mode also, the Display is shown shifted to right.

For your all reference, I have uploaded all possible screenshots taken from different angles with my Nokia Cell Phone at the links mentioned below. Could you kindly take a look at these snapshots please by visiting the links?





Kindly let me know of the solution please...


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November 5, 2009 at 10:16:09
Hey Everybody!

One quick question over here! Is it possible that if a wrong AC Power Adaptor gets connected to my HP 530 Laptop and if the Laptop is being Turned ON, it can immediately blow off any component inside my laptop resulting into my LCD Display getting "Shifted from to Left from Right?

B'coz once he connected his AC Power Adaptor, I immediately told him that I have bought my Original HP AC Power Adaptor along which he should be using therefore, he disconnected his AC Power Adaptor from my laptop and then connected the one I bought to the laptop.

Can using wrong AC Power Adaptor affect the LCD Controller Chip of my HP 530 Laptop?

Or has this Display Shift issue occurred b'coz of heating or b’coz I disassembled the laptop myself.

I followed the instructions on this link below to disassemble my HP 530 Laptop:


which was explained quiet professionally with all the screenshots step by step.

But I strongly believe that more importantly, this LCD Display got shifted to Left from Right the moment that wrong AC Power Adaptor got connected by that person into my HP 530 Laptop to whom I took this Laptop 3 days back for checking the Fan issue and he is into the business of repairing Laptops in Mumbai.

This is an extreme important question to which I need an answer please....


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