HP 530 Laptop Heating Issue.

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October 10, 2009 at 08:16:15
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.161 GHz / 2037 MB
Respected All,

Hi There! Off lately, I got my HP 530's LCD screen replacement by paying money due to some Warranty issues. Now, the HP Service Centre in Mumbai has done the LCD Screen replacement and says that also the cleaning & servicing work has been done. Once I bought my HP 530 Laptop back home, I started using it and noticed that my laptop now starts getting heated from the bottom at much faster speed within no time than it used to before. Also, when I ran a tool known as "Intel Processor Identification Utility" on this laptop, I see that System Bus has been reported to being overclocked. So, I went to BIOS and got all the setting back to default by Pressing F10 key within BIOS. After this, I restarted my computer and again ran the same utility but this time, it reports that the System Bus is now fine and NOT Overclocked. However, the heating issue underneath still continues.

This heating is immensely happening exactly in an area under the ventilation fan and at the side compartment near to Ventilation fan from the bottom of the laptop. Now, I believe that this area should be the processor compartment. Therefore, I checked out the bottom Ventilation area (Circle Shaped) with the torch light and found that the Fan is not moving at all even though the laptop is getting heated. However, when I talked to HP Service Centre, he says that the Fan rotation is an automatic function which will only rotate once the system starts getting heated and what I am experiencing at the moment is Normal heating but I don't accept that since it is heating much more than expected.
And it is much wired to accept that when in Desktop PC, the moment the computer is Turned ON, the Power Supply Fan starts rotating than why not the same in HP530 Laptop. Also, HP service centre mentioned that keeping the laptop in continuous charge mode can also increase the heating but I believe that once the battery gets charged to 100%, then there is an automatic "Cut Off" and the laptop should work directly work on Alternate Current and I used to keep it connected before as well in last year but such heating never used to happen. So, I have a question to ask here:

a) When a fan isn't rotating in a laptop from the side and down ventilation, than how safe is it to still continue using the laptop? Can it affect the CPU & Motherboard?

b) It is true that once the battery gets charged completely, the Power cord should be disconnected or is it safe to continue on the Alternate Current (AC) as well? Can working on Alternate Current damage the laptop's Motherboard, CPU or any other compontent?

Kindly help me out please.....Thanks!


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October 10, 2009 at 09:16:59
I can't answer your questions.

Can you change the BIOS settings pc health, so that the fan comes on at a lower temp?

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October 18, 2009 at 00:33:43
Thanks for your reply! However, there's no such settings as such in BIOS. There's only one setting which says: "Fan remains on which on AC Power".

Any other solution?


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December 29, 2009 at 22:57:31
Hello All,

Recently, I got my HP 530 Laptop's internal Fan replaced with a newer (Original) one. Now, here are the issues I am facing at the moment after this Internal Fan replacement:

a) The Internal Cooling Fan just keeps rotating at an extreme higher speed the moment I start with any basic task like playing music and surfing the internet with 2-3 tabs opened in IE Browser.

b) Since it rotates at much higher speed (I can feel the air pressure being disposed off from the left upper side ventilation by placing my fingers in front of it), I just keep hearing the Fan noise
continuously non stop which can become kind of annoying at times.

c)For once, it happened that when I shut down the laptop due to high temperature of 95 to 98 degree, and when I turn the laptop ON, it reaches the OS Boot Selection menu and than shutdowns
automatically. But this issue didn't repeat later.

d) Also, request you to kindly take a look at the below link for the screenshot of the CPU Temp being recorded at an extreme 101 degree for about few seconds before it came back down.


And when I touch the area near to the bottom air ventilation, I do feel it is hot. Not sure why, even though the internal Fan is rotating? However surprisingly, the left side ventilation area
disposing off air doesn't seem to be much hot.

e) Applications like Microsoft Word takes much time to open. Also, opening IE browser and the tabs takes much time to open then expected. Which means the system is running slowly.

And there is no sign of dust inside the laptop nor in the ventilation area as well. Everything is just clean.

So, what could be the issue exactly?

(I purchased this HP 530 Laptop in June, 2008).

The laptop is under the warranty, expires in December, 2010.

Kindly assist.....


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