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September 14, 2009 at 10:02:47
Specs: Windows Vista, Centrino Due
Dear sir
i have installed a partition magic 8 softwar but it didn't run on my Vista OS on laptop. But when i reboot my computer my two partition were hidden due to this partition magic. i uninstalled it and restarted but it didn't work.

Now how could i be able to unhide those partitions back. i have right click on my cumpter then i click on Manager and then the Storage. It has shown me the 4 partitions and 2 were hidden among them.

What is the solution of my Problem. my email is

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September 14, 2009 at 12:23:19
It is NOT recommended you leave your email address anywhere on the internet, not because we who answer would abuse using it, but because someome or something malicious might.
You can edit all of your own posts on this site by clicking on edit at the top of your posts, for at least 5 days, except possibly the first one if you started the Topic after one of more additional posts appear here after the first one are in the Topic thread.

PM 8.0 and 8.x , x being something above 0, and all previous version of PM is/are incompatble with using them in Vista!!! ( and probably Windows 7 too).
I know from experience that when you try to install PM 8.x in Vista, you are WARNED that it is not compatible with Vista - if you went ahead and installed it in Vista anyway, I don't know whether your problem can be fixed.

PM 8.0 was first released a long time ago before Vista existed, when XP was a new thing, and hasn't changed since 8.x was released shortly after that.

"i uninstalled it and restarted but it didn't work."

What do you mean by that?
Is Vista still working?

"i have right click on my cumpter then i click on Manager and then the Storage. It has shown me the 4 partitions and 2 were hidden among them."

That sounds like Vista is still working.
If the computer still had the original brand name software installation on it when you ran PM, one of the two partitions that are now hidden are probably supposed to be hidden!

NOTE that your original hard drive, if the computer still had the original brand name software installation on it when you ran PM, probably had two partitions, and it's quite common for the second partition on it to be hidden by the maker of the brand name system ! If you couldn't see that second partition in Windows before you tried PM, it's not supposed to be un-hidden!
If you haven't placed any data on the other partition that's hidden you made with PM yet, it has no data, and the one that was on the drive previously DOES have data on it (unless you deleted it's data contents).

PM 8.x hides all new Primary partitions it makes on a particular hard drive if there's already at least one non-hidden Primary partition on the drive by default. 2000 and later Windows operating systems and Vista can deal with more than one visible (non-hidden) Primary partition on a hard drive, so if you are using 2000 or up, you can make more than one Primary partition visible (un-hide it) with PM.

You MAY be able to fix your problem by....

- booting the computer with the PM CD, if you have it and it's bootable (the original CD is) . When you boot with the PM CD, it loads the Dos bootable version of PM.
Use it to un-hide the one primary partition you made with PM it has marked as hidden (which probably shows it does NOT have data on it in PM), that is NOT the one the hidden partition the drive originally had (which probably shows has it has data on it in PM, unless you deleted it's data contents).

- if you don't have the bootable PM CD, install PM again in Vista and try doing the same thing.

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September 14, 2009 at 12:33:22
Partition Magic is not compatible for use with Windows Vista. Undo the damage it already inflicted on your machine is not easy. If I were you I will swallow the bitter pills, throw in the recovery DVD and reinstall Vista as a lesson learned to always first check software compatibility.


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September 14, 2009 at 13:51:12
Slightly modified from notes I made while installing both Vista Premium and XP MCE 2005 on a friend's computer........

"Vista doesn't make NTFS partitions 100% the same way as XP and previous OSs do. It starts the first one a bit farther into the hard drive (rather than at sector 64) , and it can leave unallocated sectors between multiple partitions on a drive. Part of the reason for that is to accommodate new hard drives that will be using larger than the 512 byte sectors they've been using up till now, in the future I assume.

It also has non-standard data in a certain standard feature associated with the partition (the name of that I don't recall, but I could dig that up).
This results in - to fix the non-standard data -
- Partition Magic and some other older partition manipulation programs that are not Vista ready or similar don't recognize the Vista NTFS partitions as being valid.
Partition Magic sees the Vista made NTFS partition type as ??? and the partition as completely filled, whether it is or not.
If the first NTFS partition on a hard drive was made by Vista, Partition Magic won't even load and generates an error code (in my case it was on the second partition).
You can cure that by running chkdsk /r from an XP installation (that's on the same computer), by booting with the XP CD and using the Recovery Console option, and checking the partition Vista has been installed on, then Partition Magic etc. see the partition normally. However, that can take several hours - running chkdsk /r takes a lot longer than running chkdsk /f - you can't run the latter in the Recovery Console.
OR if you're starting from scratch you can make all the partitions with something other than Vista, instead of using Vista to do that - in which case such programs will recognize the partitions normally. Vista recognizes partitions made with older programs and OSs (Win 98 and up) fine. "

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