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How to turn on canon 6821 printer when only yellow error lig

January 1, 2021 at 13:10:04
Specs: Macintosh
My printer suddenly stopped working. the yellow 'alarm' triangle light comes on but nothing else. I've tried unplugging, waiting and replugging, but still no touch screen lights except the little yellow triangle error light. what can I try to do?

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January 1, 2021 at 13:33:24
Any error message text at all; as in a number?

See this link for some possible help - at least in terms of how to get a bit more info via your Mac.

Problem with many Canon printers is the vagueness of their error symbols, and some messages. Equally applies to other makes too.

Have you checked the paper path too see if there is anything jammed in there?

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January 1, 2021 at 13:42:38
Thanks, trvir for the suggestions. No, there isn't any message code...the screen that gives that doesn't light up. All I have is the little yellow error light. And I checked the paper path as you suggest and there isn't any jam in there. Any other advice?

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January 1, 2021 at 14:12:17
See if this one helps isolate the cause...; and also confirm the "exact" model printer you have - just in-case there is the same series number but for different models?

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January 1, 2021 at 14:23:20
Yes, it's the correct model, and the suggestion beyond re-powering on from a reliable source is to get it serviced professionally. that pretty much means buying a new printer. But thanks for the real help and suggestions!!

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January 1, 2021 at 15:04:45
Sadly these days the way domestic/SoHo printers are service is by replacing them with a new one... Applies to most brands too.

This link isn't specific to your printer, but scroll down aways and you'll see a response from "Bills" (product expert) very near to the bottom:

It details how to reset the printer under discussion. Possibly it may work for your model?

This is another "discussion" in the same area; ageain scroll down and read the whole thing; as it's a bit confusing at times. But it does give a power rest (of sorts) which may be what you need to do?

Have to say that when my (then 10yr olde) Pixma whatever model it was showed a well known print error it was unservicable. Canon support (in the UK) confirmed that usually they simply binned a printer with the error code and the user got a new one (if under warranty); or they charged a service fee and replaced the printer if out of warranty.

Servicing Canon printers (and other makes too) is a true PIA; as the way they're assembled renders them well nigh impossible - too many interconnected parts with flimsy/too short ribbon cables and poor quality etc. "plugs". They all disconnect/disintegrate as soon as you start to take the printer apart; and without a factory level manual there's pretty well no way to know what goes where. One Canon tech advised that they have specially trained techs for each model - presumably at the factory or main service centres. So if if a problem was more than mechanical - and even only some of them - the local service techs usually didn't have to finer skills/training...

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