Solved how to clean dry spilled coffee on a laptop sticky keyboard

October 24, 2014 at 17:42:46
Specs: Windows 7
I spilled half a cup of coffee on the keyboard of my laptop, I then quickly mopped up most of the liquid with a paper towels, after blowing it dry with a cool hair drier the keys of the keyboard began to feel sticky, especially the space bar . Is there something I can do to correct this ?

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October 25, 2014 at 00:27:23
You're lucky it's only the keyboard that was affected. Too often a liquid spill gets under the keyboard and ends up dripping on the motherboard thus ruining it.

You can try using a small amount of a solvent--maybe just water--that will disolve the dried coffee. You may need to use q-tips or similar small absorbents for that.

It'd be best to remove the keyboard when cleaning it so you don't run the risk of the cleaning liquid getting to the motherboard. The method to remove the keyboard varies with the model but often you can use a small flat blade screwdrive to pop it out. There will be a plastic data cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard. The motherboard connection will have a clip on each end that when pushed in will hold the cable in place.

You can also check ebay for a replacement keyboard for your exact model. Often you can get one for $10 - $15

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October 25, 2014 at 04:13:31
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Hi Woodloper,

a cleaner I use a lot of is Surgical Spirit (SP), although it should be kept away from any printing, as it might remove it.

SP dries quickly leaving no residue.

Use dampened (not soaked) Q-Tips / Cotton Buds as Dave suggests, or dampened white kitchen roll. If not white, any colour(s) might transfer to item being cleaned and become permanent. (some plastics absorb).

SP polishes, so is good on plastic, but always test first where it will not show.
e.g. have used to remove shallow scratches from mobile phone screens.

Good Luck - Keep us posted

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