How to access the internet with my old Panasonic Viera TV

October 20, 2018 at 18:51:36
Specs: Panasonic
I purchased my Panasonic Viera TV circa 2008. It has ethernet and I have established that I have an internet connection. How can I bypass Panasonic's Viera Cast system which seems to have limited resources? I want to get access to services like Netflix without having to buy a new smart TV.

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October 21, 2018 at 02:31:21
If your TV has HDMI ports the best bet is a streaming stick.

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October 21, 2018 at 03:51:42
Hi Greene,
you should advise the full model number for these type of queries,
especially as this tv came in a number of variations (eg screen size etc.)

I do not know this set, but from Googling it appears to have a wifi connection that can be used in conjunction with a Router to access the Internet.

Maybe the Ethernet connection does same.

Blurb for the set shows a Youtube App.
Is there one for a Google Browser, or an 'own brand' one?
Maybe a direct Netflix one also.

Such Apps sometimes need updating which might not be automatic.

Problem with Smart TV's (also Smart Phones) is their emulators (Apps) can be limited and not 100% the same as the original application on a PC.
eg: when using Apps on PlayStation 3, the Netflix writing is too small to read, and Youtube search is totally different and thus lengthy to use, and frequent fails to find the required hit(s)..

Good Luck - Keep us posted

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October 22, 2018 at 19:54:25

Thanks for the response. Model number of my TV is TH-P54V20A. I connected to the ethernet port and had no problem connecting to the internet and downloading the latest software - there are minimal Apps available.
I suspect I need an OS between the TV and internet to make use of modern streaming services.. :-(

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October 24, 2018 at 02:10:58
Hi Greene,

I browsed through the 80 page User Manual and the set appears to have both wifi and direct (ethernet) connections that can be used to connect to the Internet via a Router or Modem..

However Internet access itself seems to be achieved with an App (Viera Cast?) that has limited functionality. There are some separate Web pages on the Panasonic site advising on using this.

As an aside, for this task, having just a TV Remote Controller is a struggle and it is better using a keyboard recommend by the TV Maker. Although I have seen some kb's (unsure of TV Maker) not work correctly with all Apps.

We are led to believe that Smart TV's are all singing and dancing, which is not true. eg few support Skype. Full research covering ones intended usage need be made before deciding which set to purchase.

I think you are correct that another connection method should be used (which you originally said) and just use the TV as an external monitor for the chosen device.

I have seen an I-Phone used for this purpose. Bear in mind wifi is slower than a direct connection..

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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October 24, 2018 at 04:04:31
Hi Mike. Thanks again! I’m confused on the connection method. I can only use direct connect if using a system internal to the tv. Ie, Viera Cast. It would seem Panasonic haven’t bothered to develop its capabilities for my particular tv. I can therefore only use wi fi using an external platform. Correct?

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October 24, 2018 at 06:44:31
Hi Greene,
please bear in mind I skimmed the **80** page User Manual.

Have now returned for another look.- see pages 52 / 53 onwards.

If I understand correctly, to avoid having an unsightly / lengthy Ethernet Cable
a usb wireless adaptor may be used.

I wondered if once connected to the www, one could use google as
a browser and then Netflix etc..

Regarding using as an external monitor, consideration need be give to
the Audio aspect. To use the tv for such, believe hdmi and scart provides whereas VGA does not.

Regards - Mike

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October 24, 2018 at 07:25:53
I have a Panasonic PVR with similar apps. I can tell you that not only is the functionality extremely limited, but it is also extremely slow. I would very much doubt that the browser would support Netflix, etc. Other than looking at its internet capabilities I have never used it for this purpose.

Honestly, add-on sticks or boxes are very cheap nowadays and will give you access to all the services you require, and more.

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October 24, 2018 at 13:10:50
Thanks I jack. Most streaming solutions are wi fi. A box using Ethernet between the internet and tv would be ideal. You know of anything that fits the bill?

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October 25, 2018 at 00:16:35
In the UK, for example, there is this:

I'm sure that similar boxes are available elsewhere - a browse of your local Amazon site should turn up a few.

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