How is IBM 8700 25u system?

October 27, 2009 at 11:13:45
Specs: Windows Vista
Thanks....for such a good web...
I just need some help for purchasing the system....PC for my home.

I want to purchase IBM 8700 25u from it a good vista and heavy graphics and load....and is it faultless (hardware) system...
Shopkeeper says that it has a processor slot that support both Dual core and Core2Duo technologies..... Is is possible? if..then shuld it be best for me to use dual core processor in place of it.
And if one system has dual core 2.2Ghz X2 + DDR1 + 256MB VGA &
one has single simple processor of 3.5 GHz + DDR2 + 128 MB VGA....
Which one is best....?

Please help me.... i m new in this field and need expert and perfect guidance so that no one will play fault with me.....

Thanks alot....
B-Bye! :-)

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October 27, 2009 at 14:44:43
"I want to purchase IBM 8700 25u from makeet..."

It appears you're asking about a Lenovo ThinkCentre A60? The 8700-25U uses an AMD CPU not Intel, therefore a Core 2 Duo is NOT supported.

The one in the above link has an older socket AM2 board, single core CPU, only 512MB RAM & weak GeForce 6100 integrated graphics. It's about 3 yrs behind the cutting edge of technology. If decent gaming is what you're after, you'd have to upgrade the CPU, add more RAM, a discrete video card & probably upgrade the power supply. The upgrades alone would cost close to $300 US.

"And if one system has dual core 2.2Ghz X2 + DDR1 + 256MB VGA"

If it uses DDR1 RAM, it's even older than the above system.

"one has single simple processor of 3.5 GHz + DDR2 + 128 MB VGA...."

3.5GHz? That speed doesn't ring a bell. 3.40Ghz & 3.6GHz, but not 3.5GHz.

And when you state VGA, does that mean onboard video (aka integrated graphics) or an actual video card (aka discrete graphics)? The difference between integrated & discrete is HUGE. For the most part, integrated graphics suck.

I think you need to get more detailed info about those systems or you *may* end up with an outdated, poor performing piece of crap.

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October 28, 2009 at 02:52:24
Thanks dear!

So nice of U!
U don't know how much u guide me! Possibly i was ready to go bad shop keeper.

But one thing more that i want to ask is which brand: Hp, Del, IBM, ....or any that is not listed there perfect....can u rank them.....
And you guide me that 6100 graphics card is weak .... i know that this is old but should the default configuration of this IBM 8700 support Windows Vista and the graphics of game like for example the heavy one: Need for speed Undercover. Because last time i sold my old Del GX 240 system in market because it could not meet the requirements of this game. And become blank screen.

And at the end..... Thanks a lot my friend!

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