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Solved How Do I Set Memory For Intel HD Graphics?

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I have a laptop with Intel Core i5 M 460 @ 2.53GHz processor and 4GB of RAM memory, and it uses the Intel HD Graphics for games. The controller states that intel HD graphics has a minimum of 128MB of RAM memory available and a maximum of 1.7GB. I know there are some games that have been tested and even designed to work with intel HD graphics (BioShock 2, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Far Cry 2, Medieval II: Total War, and many others). Still, most games haven’t been tested, GTA 4 among them. The game runs with extreme lag and 3D upload problems, because it only detects 128MB of the true 1.7GB available for graphics use. Does anyone know of a way to fix this, or at least set a minimum of 512MB of RAM memory available for use for the intel HD graphics? I’ve tried the BIOS setting, but there is no option to be able to change this, it only states 128MB of graphic memory available. Please help!


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  1. Did the high performance setting, and I guess it helps.

    I have found a way, though. I believe there’s a way to specify how much video memory an application will have available by typing a command on the game console. So the command depends on the game, and since some games (specially new ones) don’t have a in-game console, there’s always options to input commands, usually by a .txt file directly on the game install folder.

    This has notoriously helped the gaming experience.

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