How do I make store-quality DVD?

March 8, 2013 at 12:10:18
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I'm the IT admin at a school. The school came to me and asked me how can they go about getting DVDs out to the public. What I'm thinking is they're going to want a high quality DVD, not a DVD-R. DVD-Rs scratch easier than a true DVD and don't last as long, as well don't look as professional when they have that bluish dye on the bottom.

So, my question is... is there a way to make real DVDs with store bought equipment? I'm thinking as long as the gizmo is under $5,000, the school would probably go with it. Where do I start looking for something like this?

I guess the other thing I understand is DVD-Rs don't last forever. They have about a 10-20 year life. A true DVD should theoretically last forever. Is that true? If not, do you have sources to reference?

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March 8, 2013 at 12:28:33
Mastering and pressing DVDs is an extremely expensive process. I doubt your school could afford the equipment. Companies who offer this service often say that it is not economical to press DVDs for less than 500 copies, and will offer DVD-R in this case.

DVD-R is reckoned to have a pretty good lifespan - up to 200 years under ideal conditions. Even pressed DVDs will not last for ever. Of course, they haven't been going long enough for us to know the real answers to these questions. See

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