Solved How do I hook up duel monitors to my Latitude E7440

February 1, 2014 at 13:26:07
Specs: Microsoft office 10
How do I hook up duel monitors to my dell latitude E7440. I Also have a dell docking station? My monitors have two DVI cables but my docking station will not accept the DVI to VGA adaptor. My screens do not turn on.

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February 1, 2014 at 14:31:20
You can't run dual monitors, only one monitor + laptop screen.

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February 1, 2014 at 15:57:38
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mmm Can you explain the dvi to vga adapter part? Not sure I follow that part…

What is the VGA output format/connection on the Latitude? What input options are there on your external monitors; DVI only or other formats as well?

And more details on your docking station would be helpful too…; inputs/outputs.

Why do you need to two external monitors (useful to know in order to understand the situation)? If it's to simply have both of the external monitors showing "the same" as the laptop display then likely it can be done with a suitable "distribution" amplifier (fed from the Latitude o/p - whatever that format output connection is).

If it is to "extend" the laptop display area over/onto an external display - the two external monitors having the same extended desktop area information - likely it can be done with a suitable (probably the same) amplifier. I seem to recall doing this more than once or twice in the past in a broadcast environment (likely VGA etc. at the time - but no reason to believe it can't be done with higher resolutions/DVI too).

In either situation the amplifier would functions as a DA - Distribution Amplifier. Using a Y cord (splitter cord - one input and two outputs) may also work; although it would depend on the quality of signal going into the Y-cord a little as to how well it work… Using a DA is the better/more professional approach.

Distributing/sharing/extending laptop/desktop outputs is not uncommon these days in broadcast and conference environments.

More info. might/would be useful to resolve it all?

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