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[Solved] How do i enter BIOS if my keyboard is not working?

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First starts the problem about my keyboard. i spilled juice on it, some letters weren’t working so i unplugged it and dried it a little bit. When i plugged it back in, it doesn’t work at all. I thought maybe i’ll just get other keyboard and it will work fine. So i pick up an old keyboard from my old computer, I plug it in, and it doesn’t work ether. i’m currently using online keyboard, and i searched on google about solutions, and i can’t find anything specific about my problem. Only thing i found is entering BIOS and checking if it recognizes my keyboard. Well, then i search on google how to enter bios without keyboard, and again, i find nothing. So I’m asking here, how can i enter bios without keyboard?

edit: i tried keyboard from my old computer on my friends computer, and it works fine there. So i assume there’s a problem with my plugging space


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  1. You cannot enter your BIOS without a keyboard. Try borrowing another keyboard. If your keyboard is USB then try a PS2 type keyboard. It is possible that a power feedback damaged the USB port so try another one. Basic keyboards are really inexpensive so do not use the one that had the juice spilled on it for fear of damaging another USB port.

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