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Solved How Can We Check CMOS Battery’s Health Without Removing It?

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I have a Dell laptop 3340, sometimes it doesn’t start when i press the power button it does not gives any display on screen , after several attempts it starts normally. Date and time are still there without any change, i mean date and time found correct. what will be the problem? Do i need to change the CMOS battery?


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  1. Equaly… and a long shot…

    Is, does, (was) the battery charge(d) fully?

    Are you certain the power adapter is ok?

    Many laptop on/off buttons are simply pressing on contact beneath, and the system latches “on” until that button is pressed again as in off..

    There might be muck in that area. It might the latching chip (for want of a better term just now) is faulty. Essentially a form of self latching relay – which fails to latch in rhe on position?

    If you blow compressed air around the system, best to remove the laptop base cover and then blow compressed around all air vents, and the processor, and in the area beneath the on/off button.

    If you can borrow an ac adapter compatible with your laptop, try that first. It might just be the one you have is no-longer delivering adequate volts, – even though led lites come wherever. Those adapters can and fail… and often in a somewhat misleading manner.

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