How can I fix my memory and cd boot problem?

Toshiba / Satellite m55-s1001
November 23, 2010 at 21:56:41
Specs: Windows XP, 1.6 ghz cpu, 2 gb of ram
okay, I've been around the internet with this annoying problem for months now, and it has got to stop. I'll dish out the details here

I have a Toshiba Satellite m55 s1001 with Windows XP Home, service pack 3, 1.6 Ghz.
My BIOS says I have 894 MB of ram, but on startup it says 896. On windows xp, it says I have 895. but this is likely just the individual components rounding them. The problem is, I have installed 2 GB of ram, and the individual ram chips have been tested on several other computers and work perfectly fine. I have tried switching chips, and it works, but still says 895Mb. I think it is definitely a hardware problem, so I tried using memtest86. I have burned the discs directly from the original .iso files, no, I did not copy the files directly. I also tried using different programs to burn it, but it never boots. I also tried using similar memory testing programs, but with no avail. NOW I have a problem with my disc drive, it seems.

Also, Cpu-Z says I have the full 2 gigs, which further confuses me.
I really need to get the full 2 gigs recognized (and used) so that I can install windows 7.

I really need help with this problem; it is plaguing my laptop with slowness, and is just plain annoying.

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November 24, 2010 at 05:59:15
First of all, it appears your computer is using only 1GB. From that, some is used for the integrated graphics. BIOS may be using 1/2MB to load settings into RAM.

1GB = 1024MB. If you subtract 896 from 1024 you get 128MB, which is a standard size to reserve for integrated graphics.

Now to address why your 2GB is not being fully used. Two possible reasons. First is that your memory controller can't utilize modules larger than 1GB. Second, the installed RAM is not compatible for some reason. The usual cause is chip density. When high density RAM is installed in a system that can't handle that density RAM it may show as half. Don't get confused by conflicting reports. You do have 2GB installed and that data is encoded on the module. However, your system can't use it.

I suggest you go to and run their online scan tool to determine what RAM and how much, your system can use.

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November 24, 2010 at 07:27:52
Did you install 2 x 1GB or 1 x 2GB? Your system most likely only accepts 1GB per slot, so if you installed a 2GB stick, only 1GB will be recognized. OtheHill explained why that 1GB would be reduced to 896MB. If you did install a 2GB stick, there is no way to get that other 1GB recognized, you need 2 x 1GB.

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December 24, 2010 at 17:53:30
well, it seems I forgot to post that I fixed the problem. it seems that the two ram chips had different densities after all, and after trial and error, I found that the hughest I can go with my current set of ram chips is 1.25 gb, because my other 1gb isn't compatible, and the 512 mb is half broken, so I repeatedly got bsod's. thank you all for your concern, but A.) I am not planning on buying new ram, and B.) I am getting a new computer this christmas. Thanks!

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