How can I disable Acer laptop keyboard?

Acer Aspire as5517-5997 notebook pc - am...
June 21, 2010 at 19:33:19
Specs: Windows Vista, AMD Athlon 64 processor TF-20/3 GB Memory
How can I disable my internal (PS/2) keyboard without removing it. I have a USB external keyboard that I want you use instead. If I need to access BIOS, how can I?
When I access the keyboards device manager it won't let me disable it (grayed out).

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June 22, 2010 at 10:59:26
Why even have two keyboards attached?

EDIT: OK, this is a laptop, I stuck a USB KB on my XP laptop (You may have Vista it appears), both KBs should work and there is not a way to disable it that I see in Device Manager as the disable option IS grayed.

If you need to get into the BIOS, I would use the onboard laptop KB.

Another option is to get a docking station for your Acer laptop.

Just another stupid saying...

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June 22, 2010 at 11:06:57
Your post is confusing. There are integrated keyboards on laptops but I don't know what an internal keyboard is.

Is this a laptop? If a desktop all you need to do to use a USB keyboard to access the BIOS screens is to Enable legacy USB support in the BIOS. That should allow you to use a USB keyboard pre-Windows. If the CMOS is cleared for some reason then you may need to use a PS/2 keyboard to reset that value.

There is no need to disable a PS/2 port in order to use a USB keyboard anyway.

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June 22, 2010 at 11:51:07
You have the User Manual for that thing? It should tell you all about using an external keyboard or mouse.


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June 29, 2010 at 18:58:31
The keyboard is integrated into the laptop, I'll look in the instruction manual.

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June 29, 2010 at 21:21:48
Have you tried just plugging in the USB keyboard?
Note that you may need to plug it directly into a USB port built into the laptop - in may not work in a port in a hub.

I worked on an Acer laptop that is a little over 3 years old.

I found a free Service Manual for it on the web , and in that it stated a USB keyboard will work if you plug one in, including while booting, if there's nothing else wrong of course.

On that model, if you wanted to remove the keyboard, you unsnap a small panel on the top of the laptop base next to the screen, then two screws that hold down the keyboard you need to remove are obvious, then you unplug the cable under the keyboard, however, it's a ribbon cable with no connector on the end, just wire ends with solder on them, and it's difficult to plug it back into the very narrow slot it plugs into.

If your built in keyboard is malfunctioning, they are a frequently replaced item and relatively inexpensive and plentiful on the web - you need the part number that's probably on the bottom side of the keyboard to find the right one on the web.

If you spilled liquid on the laptop, there is probably more damage than the keyboard doesn't work properly. You ALWAYS should remove the main battery and the AC adapter connection immediately after spilling liquid on it, get a Service Manual, open up the laptop and clean up all liquid found. If you spilled onto the keyboard, you MAY be able to rinse off the keyboard when it has been removed, then dry that, and it MAY work fine, but I very much doubt that.
Or - laptop repair places frequently do this kind of thing, and can analyze the laptop afterwards and tell you what needs to be replaced.

If you have dropped the laptop, it's likely there may be more damage than just the built keyboard doesn't work properly. The Acer model I worked on was dropped. The built in display, the keyboard, and all of the three USB ports do not work. It boots Vista fine, I can get a display on a monitor plugged into the VGA port, but I can't get past the logon screen. I took it apart and found evidence that it had been dropped, but nothing obvious wrong otherwise. It probably needs another mboard, new or used, possibly other parts.

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