High pitched noise after boot

July 1, 2010 at 16:29:49
Specs: Windows 7

Lately I've been encountering a very difficult
problem with my pc and just can't
find out what it is. I may be only 16 years old
but I know a few things about pc's
and this is the first time I had to ask for help in
forums, so please help me.

The past few weeks my computer started
making a very annoying and quite loud
high pitched noise (something like this:
content/uploads/2009/03/12000.mp3 ) right
after windows boots. The moment
my mouse/pointer pops up the noise begins.
It's a high noise my father can't
even hear...

Here are my pc's specs first:

-Cooler Master Real Power M520 (520W)
-MSI P35 neo combo (MS-7365 version
-Intel core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.40GHz -
Thermaltake Ruby Orb cooler
-2.0GB DDR2 @ 334MHz
-ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT Eco (1GB)
-500GB Western Digital hard drive
-GSA-H55L DVD-drive
-LAN adapter
-WLAN adapter

-MS windows 7 ultimate 32-bit

So last October I upgraded my pc (video -
v=mohDgx-LqV4 ). I installed a new PSU,
GPU and CPU-cooler. Everything went
fine and the only problem i seldomly had was
that my pc rebooted 2-4 timeswhen
i tried to boot it.
A few weeks ago I installed a second hard
disk(180GB) next to my old
one(250GB). I've had no problems and used it
as a backup drive for my
documents, but a few days after I installed the
drive my pc started to make a
high pitched sound every once in a while. The
sound started to return more often
so I thought the newly installed hard drive was
broken so I removed it, but the
sound was stil there. A few days later the
sound was there every time I booted
my pc. After a bit of researching I figured out it
could be the old hard drive that
was broken. Therefore I went to a store
yesterday to get the new one
(WD5000AADS), i also bought a 12cm fan
with a pathetic RPM of 500 but this
is irrelevant i guess. After installing the drive
and the fan in my pc the sound was
still there!
It is driving me insane!

It isn't caused by the new fan, my cpu fan or
the fan on my GPU (don't know
what else on my GPU could make noise). It
also isn't the dvd drive or any of the
network adapter cards. I've ever heard of RAM
or CPU's making noise... I also
used another PSU and it made no difference
so that's also ruled out.
So I guess all there's left is the
but i don't know what could
be making the noise. I've checked those
battery-like things(capacitors, right?)
and they were just flat and silver, so nothing

Does anyone know what i possibly could do? If
anyone needs pictures i can
make some...


I just hope i don't have to buy a new mobo
because i'm very low on cash
right now and I'm trying to save some mony for

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July 1, 2010 at 16:50:32
The only other thing I could think of is feedback from your speakers. Also could happen if you have your cell phone or a cordless phone nearby. I never heard of a motherboard or a cpu making sounds.

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July 1, 2010 at 16:56:29
Thanks for replying...

The sound is coming from out of my pc. My speakers are in my
monitor and when i turn off/unplug the monitor the sound doesn't
go away. I've removed all wireless devices, still nothing...

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July 1, 2010 at 20:02:46
You obviously need to find out where the sound is coming from. Don't just guess & replace parts that you *think* are bad. You need to make some sort of stethoscope that you can probe around inside the case to try to pinpoint the source of the noise. A piece of rubber or fexible plastic tubing about 1/4" diameter & 2-3 feet long should do it. Just hold one end up to your ear & carefully point the other end inside the case.

BTW, why is a 500 RPM 120mm fan "pathetic"? You don't need high RPMs to move a lot of air with a large fan. Higher RPMs just add noise.

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Related Solutions

July 2, 2010 at 09:19:31
-I've tried locating the sound with an earplug in one ear and an
earplug with a straw on the other one, it's the best I could find.
I've listened everywhere but couldn't find the exact spot. It is
somewhere around my graphics card, which I highly doubt is
broken. It could be the card itself or something on the mobo
around the card. I'll see if I can replace the gpu with a friends
card in a few days.

-The reason I bought a new hard drive is because it made
thesame sound, but just less noisy, and because the sound
didn't start when I turned on my pc but when windows showed
up. So i thought it could be the hard drive...

-I think the new fan isn't good because it barely blows wind
into my case, my case is a bit different then most cases.
Maybe if I put it in the back of my pc it will blow more but I'm
going to replace it anyways...

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July 2, 2010 at 18:03:53
I seems to be something driver-related to my graphics card
after all. The sound is also coming from around the card, but
not it's fan.
I installed windows vista, it recognised my GeForce 9800GT
as a standard VGA adapter... There was no sound! But when I
installed the driver for my gpu the sound was back again...
Then I reinstalled windows 7 again, windows 7 has a driver
from microsoft for my 9800GT. The sound was there again,
but when I selected a standard VGA adapter as my gpu the
sound was gona again... When I install any driver (old or new)
it's back again.

I really don't know what to do now...
I can't just let my gpu be recognisded as a stansard vga
adapter, I won't be able to do much with that...
It's also weird that because haven't had any trouble with this
before in my life...

So, does anyone know what I can do now???

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July 3, 2010 at 09:58:42
The sound seems to be coming from the GPU after all, I tried using a GeForce 8500GT and
when I installed the drivers for it the sound wasn't there.
So something is wrong with the 9800GT, could be a capacitor...
Could also be something else...
I tried underclocking and overclocking the card with Zotac Firestorm(came with the card)
and I adjusted the fan speed but none of those things made a difference.
I tried running FurMark to see if something changed by stressing the card but nothing
changed. My card got up to 95°C with max load but the sound stayed thesame.

I did notice (for the first time) that my card's memory clock is 900MHz instead of 1800MHz
in FurMark and in CPU-Z. I never noticed if the memory clock was 1800MHz but it has to be
1800 and not 900.
Maybe there's something wrong with my card's memory...

Does anyone know what could be wrong with that?

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July 3, 2010 at 10:27:46
Obviously the card is faulty. Replace it or use the other ear plug too :)))

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