help with ISA card not recognised

Paul January 31, 2009 at 10:52:36
Specs: ME

I am not very good at computers so need advice.

I have an old ISA card which is an interface card for my OLD software rip.

I understand to reserve an irq, I go to bios and select non plug and play
and then reserve an IRQ for a legacy board (in this case IRQ 3)?

I have also reserved IRQ3 in windows device manager/computer/reserve resources. I have also reserved the cards required memory address which
is D000 but am not sure the end address. the card requires 64k i believe.

I am also trying to reserve the I/O memory address which is set to 200
but i do not know the length.

One more thing which may sound like a daft question, after reserving these
resources in windows ME do i leave them reserved for the card to work or
do I let windows load anything it needs in the way of drivers for the system
etc and then un-reserve the previous reserved resources for the card?

As you may guess I am a comlete novice so any advice would help.

The dos program recognises the card but does
not recognise the imagesetter attached to the card.

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January 31, 2009 at 11:37:21
You are not a complete novice, believe me.

I think you need to keep the resources reserved. You can create a profile, I think, and will only reserve the resources in that profile. Not positive about that though because I never used ME. As far as the range goes I think the block of memory is presented when you enter the start of the range. Again, I am unsure. Been years since I messed with any of that stuff.

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January 31, 2009 at 13:08:30
I'm not sure if you necessarily have to reserve these resources, it all depends on what other devices might be assigned the required resources. I use an ISA soundcard in a PnP computer with 98SE without reserving any resources and DOS programs don't seem to have any trouble using the soundcard (other than the normal problems DOS programs have with sound cards...) either under Win98 or in DOS mode. But, none of the other hardware devices are trying to use the resources required for this sound card either. The typical use for IRQ3 is COM2. If you have a COM2 on your computer, it should be disabled. I don't know of anything that normally requires memory address D000, you can check it in the Computer Properties under the Device Manager (along with these other resources as well). I/O address 200 is the default address for the game port. Does your computer have a game port (joystick)? If you have to have I/O 200 for this card, then you may have to disable your game port to free up that address. It may not be possible to reassign the joystick game port to any other address.

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January 31, 2009 at 16:32:56
Thanks for your replies. I have disabled com2 and in the device manager it shows IRQ3 is free. Also I can reserve address D0000 and I/O address 200 so I presume these are free. The softwares interface card recognises the imagesetter when I boot up in DOS but does not when I run the software in real DOS mode from ME.

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