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help with compaq presario desktop sr1950 mb

Asus / A8n-la
June 26, 2010 at 08:36:50
Specs: Windows XP, amd athlon 64 3gb ram

the motherboard on my compaq presario sr1950nx has died, HP not longer stocks or sells this motherboard, had it in to a shop and they say the power suplly is good but the board is dead, just baffles me that hp has discontinued the board on a 3 1/2 year old computer

its an asus a8n-la, nagami2-gl8e made by asus specifically for hp

looking for some pointer to verify that the board is gone

and also info to help me get the right board from ebay (there are lots listed) HP is no help at all, all they suggest is buy a new HP

when I turn the computer on the cooling fans come on at full speed but thats it, no video no beeps, no attempt to boot either from dvd or hd

I have been told by hp that since the tattoo on the replacement motherboard wont match that my restore disc nor software on the hard drive will not work, but ti has also been suggested to me that if the board is a close enough match the software may not notice, has anyone just switched same model motherboard without issue?

so how do I interpret the numbers on my board to get a right match

the board model is a8n-la nagami2-gl8e, there are lots of this board on ebay but some seen to have numbers that differ from my board

my numbers are
2.00 801
hp pn 5188 5067
(there are various boards on ebay with sliht variations of the above number)

which of these number do I have to match? and whats the odd that a close match will just install without creating issues with the tattoo on the motherboard bios?

Thanks for any and all help and suggestions


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June 26, 2010 at 09:44:14
"just baffles me that hp has discontinued the board on a 3 1/2 year old"

The AMD socket 939 was released over 6 yrs ago, the socket AM2 was released about 4 yrs ago, socket AM2+ a year later, & the current socket AM3 was released a little over a year ago. Your motherboard is at least a couple generations behind. How long do you expect HP to support outdated hardware?

"when I turn the computer on the cooling fans come on at full speed but thats it, no video no beeps"

Could be the board, could be the CPU. Make sure you're replacing the right component. It's almost impossible to find vendors selling S939 boards or CPUs these days but you *may* be able to find a refurbed board at the following site that will work:

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June 26, 2010 at 09:47:53

looks like a standard mico atx board to me. You likely could use any micro atx board that is compatiable with the rest of your hardware. Yes you restore cd will not work if you don't get the same board, you would need to get a copy of xp somewhere else.


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June 26, 2010 at 20:10:16
thanks for the info

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June 26, 2010 at 21:35:15
You'll need an exact replacement motherboard for an existing XP installation to work. If you plan on doing a fresh install of XP then yeah, any motherboard that fits the case should work.

You're not really green until you're soylent green.

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June 26, 2010 at 21:37:04
Acck! where's my edit button?

You're not really green until you're soylent green.

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June 26, 2010 at 22:42:14
"Acck! where's my edit button?"

That puzzled me too. SkipCox clued me in.

It was changed to a notepad icon yesterday morning, to the right of the thumbs up, thumbs down, etc. icons.

"You'll need an exact replacement motherboard for an existing XP installation to work."

The Recovery disks for your model will probably refuse to load the original software installation if the bios is found to not be a suitable brand name version, and/or if the mboard is not the same mboard or one of a small group of possible mboards.

Your OEM Windows software license for a brand name computer allows you to use your or someone else's OEM CD or DVD or a copy of an OEM Windows CD or DVD that is the same version as on your computer (in this case Home or Pro, whichever came with the computer), along with the Product Key that's on the official Microsoft sticker on the outside of the case, to load Windows. .
OEM = For Distribution with a new PC only is printed on the CD.

If you have XP MCE, and still want that, you need the OEM MCE 2 CD set, probably MCE 2005, which people you know are unlikely to have - it's available on the web.

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June 27, 2010 at 03:05:54
Ah, there's the little bugger, trying to hide way off in the corner there.

You're not really green until you're soylent green.

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June 27, 2010 at 06:46:29
heres the real question I hope someone can answer, theres no question my mb is an asus a8n-la nagami2gl8e, made by asus for hp

hp used this mb in several hp and compaq models, in my case I have a compaq

my mb has a hp part number of 5188-5067

there are several hp mbs of a8n-la nagami2gl8e with similar but varying hp part numbers, why is this are they slight revisions? or boards who's bios has been programed for the different models,

there are 2 with my exact part number, does that mean these 2 are my best bet and are probably close enough match (bios wise) that I shouldnt have a software issue???

is it possible that hp used my exact board bios wise in both hp and compaq machines?

Thanks for the help one and all

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June 27, 2010 at 07:46:47
"...had it in to a shop and they say the power suplly is good but the board is dead..."

"looking for some pointer to verify that the board is gone"

If you didn't pay them any money, or very little money, for them to check it, they probably didn't check much.

Did they actually try another power supply with it ?
Or - did they try your power supply with a working system ?

If they didn't, it can be very hard to tell whether the power supply is malfunctioning.
Failing power supplies are common and can cause your symptoms.
They often partially work, fans and hard drives may spin, leds may come on, yet you may get no video and the mboard will not boot all the way.

If you have a PS in another computer, or can borrow another PS to try from someone, try hooking that up.

I've seen a few power supplies myself that seemed to be fine, yet replacing it cured the problem with the computer.

Were you having problems with the cpu overheating?
It's very common for a cpu to overheat if the owner has neglected to check whether there is mung - dust, lint, etc. , on the cpu fan and heatsink, and if too much mung is on those, the cpu will overheat.
E.g. you were getting mboards beeps then the mboard shut off?
If so, it may be the cpu that is dead, not the mboard.

A common thing people do when a computer won't boot normally is to try installing ram that was not installed in the mboard before. Or - people may only have a problem only after they have installed ram that was not in the mboard before.
Not all ram is compatible with using it your mboard - in the worst cases, the mboard does not boot, or only partially boots, you may get no video, and there may be no mboard beeps.
If you did change the ram, unplug the computer, remove all the ram, restore power, and try booting. If you get a series of beeps there may be nothing wrong with your system - you just need to install ram that will work fine with the mboard. If you still have the ram that worked fine previously, unplug the computer and install that, restore power, try booting.

If you have not changed which ram is installed....

A common thing that can happen with ram, even ram that worked fine previously, is the ram has, or has developed, a poor connection in it's slot(s).
This usually happens a long time after the ram was installed, but it can happen with new ram, or after moving the computer case from one place to another, and I've had even new modules that needed to have their contacts cleaned.

See response 2 in this - try cleaning the contacts on the ram modules, and making sure the modules are properly seated:

For a laptop, or netbook, you must remove both its main battery and AC adapter before you do that.

For a brand name computer, see the Owner's or User's manual if you need to - how to remove or replace the ram is usually in that - it may already be in your installed programs. If you can't get into Windows, it may be on a disk that came with the computer, or you can go online and look at it or download it - it's in the downloads for your specific model.

For a generic desktop computer, see the mboard manual if you need to - how to remove or replace the ram is usually in that.

HP parts lists two possible original mboards, and one replacement.

two possible sub models - EX325AA , and EX325AAR

(Note - EX325AA , or EX325AAR , should probably be on the label on the outside of the case, the same one that has sr1950nx on it.)

Both parts lists have the same mboards listed.


EX265-69001 Motherboard (system board) Nagami2 GL8E
Part EX265-69001 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, RE477-69001 Original

EX305-69001 Motherboard (system board) - Nagami2-GL8E, USB2, IEEE 1394 (FireWire)

RE477-69001 Motherboard (system board) Nagami2-GL8E

HP / Compaq mboards often have several part numbers on them.
one for the mboard without the cpu, one for the mboard with the cpu.

You may also have one of the above part numbers on the mboard - it might not be on a label - it might be printed on the mboard surface.

Also, sometimes they use mboards that have part numbers that don't show up when you search HP parts, and sometimes different part numbers are used for exactly the same mboard, in which case you may find both the part number you found and one of the three part numbers listed above in the same ad for a mboard.

Apparently there are several revisions of the asus a8n-la, one of them called nagami2-gl8e by HP.

If you search for the any of the 3 part numbers in the above list, or the part number of your mboard if you can't find any of those numbers on your mboard, any of those mboards will be accepted as valid when you use the Recovery disks to reload your system with the original software.
You probably do not need to reload the hard drive if it was working fine previously, but you may need to do that in the future.

Search for:

EX305-69001 (has USB 2.0, firewire)
the part number on your mboard if none of those are on yours.

Make sure the seller guarantees the mboard to not be DOA - some have a short warranty.
A mention of it having being tested and found to work is a good thing.


EX265-69001 $135


EX305-69001 $155



Apparently the Recovery disks are still available for your model, if you didn't get them with your new computer. Typically, they're available for up to 5 years from HP, then they're not, but they may not have them available for 5 years these days. Since it appears your system came with XP MCE, it is a very good idea to get the set if you don't have the disks - otherwise, if you want XP MCE, you would have to buy the OEM 2 CD MCE set on the web - (probably MCE 2005) - typically it costs more than XP Home, less than XP Pro 32 bit, e.g. $130.
The Recovery disk set will probably cost you a lot less - e.g. I got a 5 disk set for an older Compaq for less than $50 including fairly fast shipping .

Software - CD Order page
Recovery disks (2) available

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