Help fixing Dell Dimension E521 connectivity

Dell Dell dimension e521 desktop compute...
December 7, 2010 at 09:20:16
Specs: Windows XP, AMD athelon 64 x2/ 8gig Ram
I’ve recently begun having problems with my internet connection. I’ve checked/replaced the cables, the modem/gateway, and checked with the service provider. All these are problem free and work fine with the other machines in the house (laptop & PS3) but the problem only exists/persists at this particular computer.

Symptoms: It works for a while, then goes through a series of “now you’re connected, now you’re not connected, now you’re connected again, now you’re not” over-and-over (some times for 15 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less) then eventually looses connection altogether. If you reboot, then it works again, for a while – then starts acting up again. I’m thinking there’s something wrong with the Ethernet card(?).

Should I just unplug the cat5 and go with a wireless USB network adapter? And what if I’m running out of USB ports?

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December 7, 2010 at 11:16:34
I think your are correct about what the problem is, as are your solutions. If you need more usb ports, you can buy a pci usb card or a powered usb hub, which I think is the cheapest and best solution. NewEgg has them on sale quite often for about $10.

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May 9, 2011 at 19:59:12
The main board for the E521 has four PCI slots. Putting a PCI card in will be the best solution. I bought one new last week for $12. I've flashed the BIOS on about 20 computers in the last several years. My older Dell Dimension 4550 I flashed from BIOS A04 to A08 because a few USB devices had some issues with them and the problems went away. The Dell website has instructions on flashing bios, read them about four times before you do it if you decide to. I don't think its a good idea to flash the BIOS on a computer more than once or twice. Be sure that the new BIOS will fix your problem before you flash it.

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