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Kingston Datatraveler 101 g2 dt101g2/8gb...
May 11, 2011 at 10:19:25
Specs: Windows Vista 32 bit
I currently have a flash drive that dual boots with Ghost 11.02 and HP Vision Diagnostics as options. I'm looking for a way I can duplicate this flash drive to multiple flash drives plugged into one system. I can ghost them 1 by 1, but as far as I know, ghost can not restore an image to multiple drives on the same system at once.

Copying the files directly to the other drives does not work. I've tried this and the flash drive is not bootable.

I've also tried using the program "ImageUSB" by Passmark, but this program copies over every sector on the drive. For some reason some drives show up a few megs larger. So if I make an image with one of those drives, then try putting that image on one of the smaller ones, it says that the drive is too small and fails.

I believe CloneZilla is a possibility but I'm having trouble getting this to work. Any help is appreciated!

Flash drives I am using are Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 DT101G2/8GBZ 8 GB


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May 11, 2011 at 13:40:17
I'd use dd. You can either boot to a live linux cd or get dd for windows. Be careful. dd is unforgiving.

Some usb's are tricky. Most newer ones are bootable but HP has some tools that seem to be the best to fix odd ones.

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