HDD went bad and now not recognized

March 16, 2010 at 19:11:33
Specs: Windows XP
Running Win-XP OK on IBM T60 ThinkPad, had to reboot. Received blue screen of death with 2110 error. Now HDD is not recognized as primary or in second HDD adapter. Trying to use XP Recovery Console get msg no HDD found. Any help appreciated to get files.

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March 16, 2010 at 20:12:44
" 2110 - The hard disk is not working. Have the hard disk serviced."
(Thinkpad T61 manual
go here : http://ca.yahoo.com
search for:
blue screen of death with 2110 error Thinkpad
- first "hit" )

Recovery Console and Setup cannot find your IDE drive if the bios can't detect it.

You haven't supplied enough info.

Was this drive working in the computer previously in the bay it was originally in ?

If no, if you have just installed it.........

Laptop IDE hard drives usually come set to Master when there are no jumpers on the 4 pins that don't plug into the laptop's hard drive connector.
When you have two drives in the laptop, either
- one must be set to master - no jumper on the pins - the other to slave - a jumper on a certain two pins
or - both drives must have a jumper on two certain pins for cable select - the one in the primary bay is seen as master - the one in the secondary bay is seen as slave, or visa versa.
For older computers, bioses, if the drive is jumpered as slave and is by itself, or if the drive is jumpered as cable select, and is by itself in the secondary bay, or whatever bay it would need to be in to be recognized as slave, the bios won't see the drive at all.

If yes, the drive was working in the computer previously in the bay it was originally in......

- did you install a jumper on two pins that wasn't on it before, or change which pins the jumper is on?

-how old is the hard drive? Laptop drives never have more than a 3 year warranty, because they tend to fail a lot sooner than a desktop hard drive - some desktop hard drives have a 5 year warranty, and many of them last a lot longer than that.

You cannot recover any data from it yourself any easy way......

- if the drive does not spin,

- if the drive does spin but the bios does not recognize it (it's board is probably fried, or it's damaged otherwise.)

You could try buying and using an inexpensive laptop IDE to desktop IDE / power connector adapter to connect it to a desktop computer to rule out there being a problem with the laptop (e.g. no jumpers, connect to secondary IDE on the desktop) but if the desktop computer doesn't recognize the drive either, the hard drive is toast.

They only way you can get data off of it if it doesn't spin, or if it isn't recognized by the bios, is to get a data recovery expert to try that for a hefty fee,
or - you could buy the identical drive model off the web, and transfer the platter(s) (disk(s)) inside the drive to the working drive .

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