Having problems with a laptop led lcd screen

September 29, 2011 at 20:27:31
Specs: Windows 7
I was checking out an Asus X83V laptop for a friend. It has a 14.1" led lit screen. The screen was not lighting up and there were vertical lines on the left-hand side of the screen, that you could make out faintly with some light shining on the screen. Other than the lcd problem the machine operates normally when hooked to an external monitor. Checked the video cable connections on both ends, didn't make any difference. We ordered a replacement screen. Don't remember the exact model but same size, resolution, backlight type and connector type and location. This screen gives no output, but appears to at least power on as you can see the screen get darker, but no backlight, and no video on screen, not even the lines that I saw on the other screen. I hooked up the old screen again after fiddling with the new one for a while and that one does the exact same as before it was pulled out. No better and no worse. Hook the new screen backup and you can see that it gets power when the machine turns on, but no lamps and no video.

One of the reasons I considered the screen at fault to begin with is that someone has apparently has been into the lid of this machine before (my friend bought it from someone in this condition), and there seemed to have been stress on the screen right along where the control board is.I've replaced a lot of lcd screens before and there was really only 2 different types of connectors you came across, and 1 seemed pretty much standard over the other. And you could hook up any screen (resolution or size) and they would work without a hitch. This is the first time I've changed out a led lit screen, but they seem to follow a couple standard types of too. Being that I'm not getting anything at all on the new screen, does anyone know if these screens are just as interchangeable, or has anyone ever had any compatibility issues?

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September 29, 2011 at 21:28:26
Hi there, just had the very same problem a few weeks ago. The screen was visible with a flashlight, ordered a new screen identical to the one, same issue. In my case it was the inverter that had gone bad on an hp. It could also be the video cable if it is stressed too much when the top cover has been closed too often.

Another issue could be the backlight, which is part of the screen. Very hard to find exact match and replace (very fragile), alwasy easier with a new screen. I would try the inverter first, then check into a blown fuse on the motherboard. There are a few articles mainly from the UK that will show you the blown fuse and how it can be bridged with solder.

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September 30, 2011 at 09:38:38
It's an led backlit screen, no inverter. I'm thinking about maybe cable issues (i'm getting no video at all, but all pixels go black when powered on). I'm wondering more than anything else if the 40 pin connector on an led backlit screen is pretty much standard like the ccfl backlit screens. I would think they are as many screen manufactures make screens for all the brands of laptops.

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September 30, 2011 at 09:46:10
Well, I just came across a piece of testing equipment that pretty much shows that the connectors are wired the same across brands. So my problem is I either got a bad screen, or there's some type of fault on the motherboard to the internal lcd.

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