Grinding/ juddering noise performing tasks

Acer / Aspire one zg5
September 15, 2010 at 00:55:36
Specs: Windows XP
I've had my acer aspire zg5 for nearly 2 years. It's just recently started making grinding/ juddering noise at first just on tv streaming, videos, audio books etc but now on all processes from start up to clicking on links or opening documents etc. It is also performing a lot slower.

I've run a virus scan through AVG 9.0 and it's clean. I've done a disk clean up and it said it was compressing unnecessary files so I cancelled it (I'd done one not so long ago so that's not surprising)

Most recent software I installed was's audible manager - a tool for downloading audio books from their site. The noises started after that but uninstalling the software didn't fix the problem so I don't think it's that.

Finally, I gave it a good clean with a wet wipe type cloth all over incl between the keys and blew between them and where the fans are hoping to doslodge any dust. Since this it has made the noise twice while I've used the internet but certainly seems improved.

Any ideas how to stop it entirely? Could it just be coincidence that it has improved after a clean?

Need to know whether to back up everything and poss replce the hard drive as one techie friend has suggested. Also he said it could be dust (hence the clean) but that if it was a solid state hard drive I wouldn't be able to fix that - I can't any info to say whether this mode is SSD or not...

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January 27, 2011 at 08:40:15
My Acer purchased from Newegg on November 2010, started doing the grinding noise at boot-up, then the noise stopped and all worked perfectly once Windows was up and running.

Called Acer tech. Here's a fix you could try that fixed mine:

1. Turn off computer
3. Press & hold the power button for 20 seconds
4. Plug everything back in
5. Turn on computer

Apparently the holding of the power button for 20 seconds discharged any static electricity that had built up within various components, which, so the tech said, can cause the HD to react [I guess it stops it spinning smoothly??].

Orlando, Florida

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