Graphics card for my computer? pci-e?

Dell Inspiron 545 mt desktop
June 25, 2010 at 16:49:40
Specs: Windows 7
I have a dell inspiron 545 mt (full size) and I'm looking to buy a graphics card. i know nothing about them so I need some help. Specifically, I need to know if my computer has a pci-e slot I guess ?

I'm confused by all this, so any help is appreciated.

The main reason I want a graphics card is for The Sims 2 & 3 games. My computer runs the games fine, the graphics just look really bad. So I need it for appearance more so than performance.. don't know if this makes a difference in which card I choose. Any suggestions?

Thanks and I apologize for my lack of computer knowledge :)

Here are my results from the windows experience test:

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June 25, 2010 at 18:17:31
Did you already try the Windows experience test to see exactly how good or bad your current video adapter is? I'd look at that first and then post results.

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June 25, 2010 at 18:33:07
Click the following link & scroll down to find your motherboard. You'll see that it has a PCI-Express x16 card slot, so in that respect, you're good.

Your service manual can be found here:

The problem you *may* have is the 300W power supply, so I suggest you don't go too wild with the graphics upgrade. A safe bet would be the Radeon HD 4650 or the newer HD 5550 or 5570. On the nVidia side, the GT 220 or GT 240.

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June 25, 2010 at 18:41:25
Ok, thanks jefro. Here are my results from the windows experience test:

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June 25, 2010 at 18:48:36
Thank you, jam!

Found this kind on amazon..

PNY GeForce 9500 GT 1024MB PCI-Express 2.0 VGA + DVI Graphics Card

Is it out of the question for me? By reading it sounds like what I need, but doesn't say anything about the power supply.

I'm sorry I'm so dumb in this subject!! I really appreciate your help

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June 25, 2010 at 19:15:55
I didn't recommend the 9500GT for a reason. It's not a very good card. The GT 220 is better, the GT 240 is better than that. A power consumption chart is on the bottom of my other response. If you're in the US, I suggest you shop at

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June 25, 2010 at 22:07:50
Ok jam I wanna thank you again, you've been a huge help!! I think I'm gonna try out the GT 220!

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