GPU starts with Windows then shuts off

June 28, 2017 at 20:34:13
Specs: Windows 10 pro, Intel i7 4790k/ 16GB
Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone is able to assist. Last night my pc just gave up after I was playing some games. The video signal to the monitor dies, I can hear the game crashes. The pc won't power back on until it feels like it. The power supply makes some small noises when I first try to power it on and it stalls for about couple of minutes then decided to turn on.. even then there's now no video signal since the GPU fans suddenly stop after couple of seconds being turned on, the led on the GPU still lights up though so there's still power there, just no activity. I tried to get video signal from motherboard and that doesn't work after the first time it did.

I have tried dusting wherever possible on the outside. I have tried rebooting and removing and putting the components back together one by one but it seems to be the same result.

I'm at a loss here I don't know what to replace or start doing I was up all night trying but no luck so far.

My PC specs are;

CPU: i7 4790k
Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb
Motherboard: Asus ranger vII hero
GPU: nVidia GTX 980 ftw
Power supply: Corsair 760W

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June 28, 2017 at 21:34:42
It could a power supply issue. Even though you have a good one, it is still possible (though not a sure thing by a long shot). If you can boot into BIOS set up look at the voltages and while you are there, the temperatures because heat could be another possibility. If you have another monitor or can borrow one, try that in case the monitor is bad, even the monitor cable could have gone bad. If during the testing process you removed the CPU heat sink you need to remove all thermal compound and replace it properly (instructions if needed, just ask). If you have a spare power supply around, you can swap that one in as a test as well.
Keep us informed what works and the results for more suggestions.

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July 1, 2017 at 16:17:20
Thanks for the reply brother,

I changed the power supply and nothing changed. I managed to change the thermal compound on the GPU and CPU. Nothing much changed. The CPU however is liquid cooled with the Corsair h800i however the temperatures of the CPU are worringly high at time, it seems to spike up to 60°c then back down to 38°c at times.

I've tried cleaning all the dust and fans and changed the thermal compound on the CPU and it's still the same. Could this heatsink be the issue.

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