gefoce fx 5500 glitches

February 19, 2011 at 22:02:26
Specs: Windows 7 pro 64x, quad 3.0 / 4 gigs
I tried installing a geforce fx 5500 256mb card today, computer started fine then when i move the mouse most of the screen flashes. i only have a problem when i move the mouse. the only drivers i could get are for vista 64x but they work for other people.

Asus m4n68t-m v2 nvidia geforce fx 5500

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February 20, 2011 at 00:47:56
Did you try Microsoft Updates to look for a Driver ??

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February 22, 2011 at 19:05:34
it says the driver is up to date

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February 22, 2011 at 19:39:00
Your problem is probably not caused by software.
In any case, drivers for Vista usually work fine with Windows 7 - Windows 7 is primarily the same as Vista SP2, with the things that annoyed people about Vista removed or made more user friendly.

Try a different mouse.
Try making sure the video card is fully seated.

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February 24, 2011 at 10:57:27
ok, i tried a different mouse today and same thing. I put the card in another slot and it does the same thing. i put it in my dads pc with xp on it and it works great.

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February 24, 2011 at 12:12:17
By the way, why are you using this geforce fx 5500 card with this mboard ? The 5500 video chipset is a relatively old one and the onboard video this mboard has is probably better.

"I put the card in another slot and it does the same thing."

Since you have only one PCI-E X16 slot, one PCI-E X1 slot, 2 PCI slots, I assume that the geforce fx 5500 is a PCI video card.

Installing a PCI video card almost always DOES NOT auto disable the onboard video !
In that case, there is NO setting in the bios that you can set to disable the onboard video - the only thing you can do in the bios that has an actual effect is to reduce the amount of ram being shared with the onboard video there. In Windows in Device Manager - Display adapters both the onboard video's video chipset and the PCI card's video chipset are detected. If you don't want Windows to enable the onboard video, RIGHT click on the listing for it and select DISABLE (Un-install won't work - it will be detected again the next time you boot the computer).

READ the manual for your Asus m4n68t-m . It probably has info about which PCI slot shares it's IRQ with what.

It's often the case that at least one of the PCI slots uses the same IRQ as the onboard video, or the same IRQ as a PCI-E X16 or PCI-E X1 card installed in the PCI-E X16 slot, or the same IRQ as a PCI-E X1card in a PCI-E X1 slot.
PCI cards installed in that PCI slot other that PCI video cards often have problems or can cause problems.
If you have any PCI card installed in a slot other than a PCI video card try removing it to see if your problem goes away.

Your mboard has PS/2 ports. If the original mouse and other mouse you tried is PS/2 connected, make sure it's plugged into the proper PS/2 port (green -on some mboards the mouse or the keyboard will work in either port but that may cause problems in Windows) - try a USB connected mouse if you can.

If either mouse was connected via USB
- try plugging it into a port built into the mboard at the back of the case, rather than a port on the case front or in an external hub, or in a plate in a slot space at the back.
-check for whether you have a problem of some other device sharing it's IRQ with the USB related devices.
See response 3:

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