Gateway LX6810 Front Panel Removal Help!

Gateway Lx6810-01 desktop
March 21, 2011 at 17:08:18
Specs: Windows Vista
Hello, I hope someone here can help me. I own a Gateway LX6810 machine, which is infamous for its overheating problems. I would like to install two case fans, one for intake in the front and one for exhaust in the back. There is a spot for a fan in front which I can see when I open the case, however there is no access to it from the front of the computer on the outside's covered by a thin-ish panel. I read online that I would have to remove the whole front panel to gain access to the little panel to remove it. So I did this, but I still can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it. I assumed it would just pop out by little tabs being pushed in or something simple like that. The only reason it's even there that I can see is for cosmetic reasons. I know I'm not the only person who wants to or has installed a front fan, but I can't find anybody else who's having an issue with removing the panel. I feel like an idiot! :(

Here is a picture of the front of the computer: The part I'm having trouble with is the bottom panel, under the door that slides down to access the extra bay drives (I think that's the name of them). Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm at my wit's end with this computer!

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March 21, 2011 at 18:21:06
If you have a perforated side cover I wouldn't bother with a front fan. Most of the air fron the front fan will exhaust there.

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March 21, 2011 at 18:56:45
Ofcourse the obviouse thing to do, is clean the thermal paste off the fan/CPU and apply fresh layer.
I need to know what make/model you motherbord is?
I got one of those tiny refrigerators as an unwanted gift. So I ripped it's gutts out and hooked it up to(DON'T try this with AC/mains) a 12volt battery. Fixing it to the socket proved very difficult but it's the perfect size. Now I literaly have a refrigerator attached to my CPU. (Don't try to paternt this, it's proberbly illigal)l!!!
There are many reasonably priced CPU cooling solutions on the market for just about any socket. Some sockets have more of this product type available than others, that's why it's best to see what best cooling solutions are available before purchasing a board. CPU already sorted?
If you take the side pannel off your PC and place a 12 inch fan on the floor, a few inches in front of it at a 90degree angle(I used PLASTIC coverd fan an concrete bumbell weights to suport it). Then start PC, go in to PC health, and monitor CPU and system temperature. You will not notice much difference in the CPU cooling, but quite a difference in system temperature. You can even control the temperature with the fan settings You might want to take frequent breaks, as it gets quite chilly!!
Please post your results, thanks.

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March 21, 2011 at 19:47:00
The front panel of a desktop is often hard to pull off.
You put your fingers on the bottom in a small space and just pull as hard as you can.
but not too hard or you may break something like wires to the front lights if any.

Coola Studios the little out house by the river.

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March 21, 2011 at 21:38:50
@wizard-fred - I was originally going to just do an exhaust fan in back (btw this computer came with NO case fans...thank you, Gateway), but a friend of mine did that with hers, and it still overheats. I have read of people getting better results with at least 2 fans. Though I guess I could attempt to mount the fan on the side panel, but I don't know if that would do as much good as an intake in front. I've read the most efficient setup is an intake fan in front and exhaust fan in back.

@cpl.fielding - Right now I have a regular fan blowing on my tower to keep it cool (it knocks off about 10 degrees, without removing the side panel), but it's sort of a cumbersome setup, and I'd rather have traditional case fans.

@patcoola - I got the front cover off without problem. The issue is just a small panel within the front cover that I can't get off. This little panel covers the vent where a fan can be mounted.

Anyway, thanks for the answers but none of them really apply to my issue :/

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July 13, 2011 at 17:43:11
The part of the front panel that holds the small sliding door for the removable hard drives also pops out if you press some (slightly unnoticable) tabs at the corners of it. You must 1) remove the front panel from the computer 2) remove the sliding door mechanism (its all one piece so its easy to put back on) 3) remove the small covering to the fan slot.

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