Solved Gateway LX6810 Desktop Turns On But Will Not Boot Up

Gateway Lx6810-01 mcp7a-d system board m...
November 1, 2015 at 23:22:59
Specs: Windows Vista, I don't know
I'm having the same problem, although it won't show the initial beep or light up, and the screen remains blank. I can hear it running slightly, and the fan running, but it won't boot up. I put it on sleep Friday, and now its Sunday night and it won't start up or boot or show any life besides the fan. I've tried unplugging and replugging it all, and turning it off and on, but nothing seems to work.

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November 2, 2015 at 01:24:35
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It sounds like your power supply may be losing it or some peripheral is malfunctioning and drawing down power the rest of your machine needs. If you can test your power supply, do so. Otherwise, you could try removing power from some peripherals to unburden the supply. Disconnect everything external except the monitor and keyboard. And then disconnect what you think you can do without inside, like the Hard Drive, DVD Drive, CD Drive. Your goal should be to just get into BIOS at this point not to boot up an OS. While your at it, if there is dust in your chassis, blow it out of there with some clean compressed air (you don't want water vapor or oil in there if you can help it). Dust can be conductive and cause unpredictable behavior. If you can get into BIOS then, you can go about reconnecting things one at a time until it fails again and you identify the offending device. Do not hot unplug anything, do it safe and slow and power down between each device. If you can't isolate it to a single peripheral, then suspect the supply itself and have it tested or replaced. If its not the supply either, follow the suggestions in the other threads if you haven't already. Don't assume because it didn't work for them, that it won't work for you.

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