Gaming computer shuts off, will not turn on

November 11, 2009 at 15:42:31
Specs: Windows XP, AMD Phenom II X3
Hello, i got a big problem.

So, i just got Modern Warfare 2 and after playing for a while my computer shuts off randomly and would not turn back on.

I built my computer and had no problems for about a month.

I opened it up and tried restating it only to hear a loud clicking sound coming from the PSU, i took a spare PSu i had but it would not turn on either, all it did was cause my HDD to smoke a little. i immediately turned it off.


AMD Phenom II X3
Coolmaster PSU 500W
Gygabyte AMD Motherbord w/ 3 Gigs of RAM
ATI Radeon 4870 512 mb
Seagate 250gb Hard dive

Does anyone have a clue on what my issue would be. im ordering a new PSU and HDD as we speak. im hoping that my Video card and Motherbord still work, is there anyway i can check that aswell?


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November 11, 2009 at 16:27:36
"im ordering a new PSU and HDD as we speak"

Why the heck would you do that without troubleshooting 1st? It's sounds like an overheating issue....what's your CPU temp?

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November 11, 2009 at 18:13:05
Hey! Good to see someone else is in the same boat as I am. For me, at least, It's not an overheating issue. I've had my computer for almost a year now and played many games on it including COD4 and never EVER had an issue of it just shutting down. My computer's temp gauge never goes over 30 degrees Celsius. The power light is still on but after about 2 hours or sometimes 30 minutes of playing MW2, it randomly shuts down! I've talked on multiplayer with others with the same issue. So, you're not alone. Could be a driver? Could be direct x? Could be the game itself? Do you have Windows 7?

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November 11, 2009 at 20:08:44
I meant that i was looking at other PSUs and HDDs rather than buying one now.

This happened out of the blue and i don't understand why. my cpu temps were fine idling at 30c.

i tried a different older psu to see if some stuff still works, i have established that the HDD is straight up dead, but i dont know if the Motherbord is also dead or the cpu, but im afraid because my ati card has 3 red lights on now, which i heard is bad

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