Fried video, Mobo, or both?

Dell / Inspirion 9300
May 20, 2009 at 18:51:38
Specs: Windows XP, pentium m 2.0ghz/1gb ram
I recieved a broken 9300 inspiron for helping a friend move. I replaced the hard drive and it was doing fine until I installed the bluetooth driver. I watched as the screen went weird(funny colors/ lines) partway through then blacked out in matter of seconds. Now it won't even show POST stuff at begin boot. Backlight still works. If I use an external monitor it kinda works in safe mode or command prompt. Safe mode has lines everywhere(like you put bug screen over it) and if i move a window it completely blurs the screen. Programs still work though. Command prompt shows wrong/weird(as in smiles, anks, arrows etc in green/blue/yellow) characters at random intervals and can't be read properly.

I found out it has a recall battery. I also opened it up to find both the cpu and video heatsinks clogged with cat hair. It came off like velcro and could have been an entire mouse, seriously. Today was the first hot day in a while where I live.

So I'm pretty the video card melted on me, but was hoping for some opinions on the matter before I invest to much money ($100-$260 for the videocard... ouch) in this thing. Do you think the motherboard is most likely damaged too? It also needs a new keyboard and battery. Think it's worth saving or time for the scrapyard?

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May 20, 2009 at 21:35:04
I wouldn't spend much on a 4 year old laptop. Saw one with a broken display screen on craigslist a few days ago for $100 obo.

A parts machine like that one would give the parts you need. You would want to use the service tag numbers on both to compare the part numbers of installed components to insure you're getting parts that will work.


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