fried processor question

Emachine / T6088
March 28, 2010 at 08:11:36
Specs: Windows vista
i had a computer repair guy work on my computer all he was supposed to do was change the fa and replace the dvd/cd driver ..he then decided to replace the power supply then he turn my computer on and it made a funny noise(like an ambulance would)he asked if that was normal and i said NO ..he undid the power supply and realized it was a 24 pin one (my one was a 20)..said oh maybe thats the problem and took out the 4 extra pins ...still had that noise and computer wouldnt stay on...(he arrived here at 830 am and didnt leave till 10 45 am) he didnt no what was wrong ad called his boss ..who upon hearing the noise new exactly what it was ..he said my processor was fried ..i no nothing about computer but is it possible that when he tried the 24 pin power supply it killed the processor

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March 28, 2010 at 08:39:16
That guy is an idiot & has no business working on computers.

Why did you let him replace the power supply? Did you ask for it or did he do it on his own? The 20-pin vs 24-pin plug is a non-issue...all you have to do is unclip the extra 4-pins & not use them.

The siren means the CPU is overheating, not that it's fried...if it was fried, there would be no siren. He either knocked the heatsink loose when messing around inside the case or unplugged the CPU cooling fan.

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March 28, 2010 at 08:53:53
dude thats ur cpu sensors(sound) dat guy is an idiot i mean why would he replace ur PSU ur heatsink like jam said must have fallen when he messed around and ur cpu is almot getting fried u have to put the heatsink back

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March 29, 2010 at 04:34:40
i did ask if the power supply needed to be changed and he said no but i have one on my truck so ill do it anyway i said i do not no anything about computers and since he is a computer tech..(i have computer protection through verizon) they dont have there own techs but contract out he or someone else from that contracted company is coming to replace the processor ...could this idiot have done damage to my hd as well ..i have pictures on their (10 years worth of my daughter ) and i dont want them lost

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March 29, 2010 at 10:06:23
A 24 will normally work in a 20 pin unless it was a very odd model server.

The noise might be a fan damaged or hitting some wire or simply has gone bad.

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March 30, 2010 at 03:38:17
well i called the company he works for and they think im right about it being his fault and when the tech comes to install the new processor there going to chech my hd just in case

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