Freezing, in multiple locations, HDD or BIOS?

May 18, 2012 at 19:15:53
Specs: Windows 7
G'day, everyone. I purchased a new rig for my wife a little over a month ago. Upon installing drivers for the hardware, I ran into a BSOD issue, which re-installing Windows seems to have solved. HOWEVER... I now occasionally receive the error message 'Please Insert boot media and reboot system... ect.' Upon checking my SATA cables and ports, and everything else I could think of, or read to try, I still receive this message. So, I contacted the manufacturer and am in the process of RMAing the HDD. I'm confident that it is indeed an HDD issue, but... upon rebooting the system after receiving this message, the BIOS occasionally freezes on the Splash Screen. Trying to go into the BIOS options menu is fruitless, as the screen is stuck until I power off the system. Rebooting from this can be hit or miss, but after a couple of rounds, it finally boots. My question is... can a faulty HDD cause the BIOS screen to freeze if you're forced to power off the system? Or, could the MB be causing both issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(Note: The MB has been unable to detect the HDD in one instance, but 'found' it again after a reboot. It has never had any trouble finding other devices, like, say, the DVD drive. Also, sorry for the eyeful here, just trying to completely list my problem and everything I've tried. Thanks, mates.)

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May 18, 2012 at 20:32:41
You provided zero specs but I would be suspicious of the power supply. Did you run a HDD diagnostic? Did you try unplugging the HDD & booting off a live Linux CD? If it freezes when doing that, then the HDD probably isn't the problem. Did you check the CPU temp to make sure it's not overheating? Have you tested the RAM with memtest86+ or Windows Memory Diagnostic?

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May 19, 2012 at 08:58:35
Bah, can't believe I forgot to post specs, please forgive. Running Win 7 64, an ASROCK H61M-HVS, Intel i5 processor, 8gb of G. Skill RAM, an Antec 600W PSU, and an HD 6770. Thus far, I've run doagnostics on the HDD and RAM, with no issues detected, CPU temp is within normal ranges, at all times. (Tested it on boot, and while handling resource intensive apps) I've booted from the recovery disk with no issues in the past. The only time the BIOS seems to freeze is after I have to manually power down and reboot after receiving the 'please insert boot media' error. I was suspicious of the PS unit at first as well, though I've tried swapping cables around between the DVD drive and the HDD, and the problem remains with the HDD. Also, this error message is usually only received after the first boot-up of the day, either just after POST, or just after booting the the desktop. After finally letting me boot to the desktop after the error, I can reboot it an infinite number of times without issue, and can even crack the case and swap cables around without getting the error again. However... leave it off for a few hours, say, from dusk until dawn, and the message will appear on first boot-up.

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