Floppy Controller Failure boot error

December 27, 2010 at 13:06:40
Specs: Windows XP, 2 GB
When starting up, my Windows XP desktop computer showed a simple steady green light but no flashing red signifying loading, and the monitor said “no signal” from outlet 3. Reset didn’t do anything. I unplugged and plugged power 4-5 times. After a while it finally started loading, aborted a couple of times, and finally loaded. Microsoft error message came back with this report: “Floppy Controller Failure” and suggested I back up files immediately. I have updated my back-ups.

Suggestions? New computer?

I’ve tried to trouble-shoot on line, but the language referencing cards, etc., is beyond me.

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December 27, 2010 at 15:06:15
May be powersupply, may be faulty motherboard, could be a faulty device attached to motherboard such as floppy, optic or hard drive, or AGP/PCIe /PCI card.

Start by stripping down to barebones. ie: Disconnect all drives and take out all cards except 1 stick of ram, Graphics. Leave only CPU with fan, keyboard & graphics.

Try booting up into BIOS setup. If the bootup is still sporadic then you have narrowed the field to powersupply & motherboard. When you post back after doing some testing, please include detailed description of the system including make/model numbers.

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December 29, 2010 at 16:12:44
Thank you for your advice. Actually, because I saw, on one of the attempted reboots, the word "Logitech" flashed on the screen, it suggested to me that it might be related to the use of Skype/Logitech, the day before. The usb port cord has been left in overnight. In short whatever cycle(s) the computer had to work through at the time I had trouble, it now starts up without problem. I will still monitor future usage, esp. as it relates to Logitech.

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